1. 8 other reasons bracelets (LOVE) and vintage watch. 2. Metallic Jumper (via Market HQ). 3. Mainstream Macaroons. 
4. New polish. 5. Gradient glitter nails. 6. eQuip stockings and my Rubi flatforms. 7. Little Penny-Lane in a ball. 
8. Travel wallet (eBay $6). 9. Wearing my Retro Super Future sunnies, Jumper (again!) and vintage witchery denim vest.

May has been huge! So huge that I've collected lots of extra photos along the way. Here are some NEW IN things I've bought including this fun passport wallet and my 4 new polish colours (grand total of $8 thank you!)



Flash Phase



 My least favourite era in terms of vintage clothing is the 80s. The shiny material, the shoulder pads, the puffy dresses.... great for dress up parties but nothing really fits with my personal style!
I'd say this coat is borderline 90s but the fact that it's 10 times the size of a normal coat kinda makes me think of 80s. However I'm diggin it's man-eater-like size. Even more paired with skinny-minnie disco pants underneath and a clashing print (another vintage score).

Even though I usually love my fair share of winter I can't stop dreaming of going to Bali in June. I'm actually in the process of selling some of my vintage wardrobe and brand new pieces so keep an eye out vintage lovers!

 Some of you said you liked the flash-night posts. Well good news, more night photos to come. Winter is here!



pants - MINKPINK via Market HQ
Coat, necklace and top - vintage opshopped
shoes - Tony Bianco
Bracelet - PeepToe
Cardigan - The Cassette Society




Photo Diary: Melbourne


As you know from previous posts, I had fun in Melbourne. The reason I was there was because I was flown down to attend the first Nuffnang Fashionopolis event.
It was really exciting to be travelling somewhere for my blog. The event was mostly based around the 'proper' way to manage a blog. Mostly suited for bloggers just starting and interested in networking however what I found most interesting was hearing from Patty Huntington (of Frockwriter). Of course our blogs are completely different but it was a reminder to keep my blog 'true' and remember the things I'm actually inspired by. 

Also so interesting to hear from so many different sides of the industry. From blogger to PR, 'fashion journalist' to advertiser. Personally, I love seeing blogging evolve in Australia however I'm sticking to the perspective of 'A blog is a blog, not a brand'. 



Kisses from Melbourne [Travel video!]


When going to Melbourne for Nuffnang Fashionopolis I decided we could have a little fun making another movie and got so much love from the other bloggers so here I present to you 'Kisses from Melbourne.' So many bloggers involved in this so thanks to everyone for being so fun! 

While in Melbourne for the night I stayed in an amazing little apartment in the heart of Chinatown with a big room all to myself. I wanted to stay even longer and soak up the magic of Melbourne. Also I'm not a very good flyer so it was a little scary going by myself (and with Steph who calmed my nerves!) but exciting doing something new and by myself. 




MELBOURNE - Cobblestone



On friday I zipped off to the airport to catch my plane to Melbourne! I was flown down to attend Fashionopolis, one of the first blogger conference events in Australia. 

It was wicked to catch up with some friends and other bloggers not to mention finally meet some Melbourne girls that I've been in contact with only via the internet since the conception of our blogs (Sam, yes I'm looking at you)!
It was a whirlwind night and an interesting day at the event. 

I was able to pull together this little outfit thanks to Keepsake, Wish, Peep Toe and of course a little vintage thrown in! Black = tre Melbourne, right?

Melbourne photo diary (including Nuffnang Fashionopolis event) and video "Kisses from Melbourne" still to come!

PhotobucketPhotobucket Photobucket PhotobucketPhotobucket Photobucket
Myself, Sam, Charmaine, Claire, Trish and Steph.

Photos thanks to Steph Kramer


Dress -  Keepsake
Shoes & bracelets - PeepToe
Cape - Wish
Sunglasses - retro super future
Belt & bag - vintage
iPad case - Typo




Spin Dizzy Fall - MBFWA film Part 2

Part 2 is here and it's like playing 'spot the blogger'! But seriously. 
Also please feel free to sit back and admire the "dancing" of myself and Steph (watermeloncrush.com).
I arrived home from Melbourne late last night after attending Nuffnang Fashionopolis so there is already another SPIN DIZZY FALL film on the way! You can subscribe to my youtube channel here as I am hoping to upload some old holiday films as well!



SPIN DIZZY FALL for TONI&GUY Hair Meet Wardrobe: Blogged & Bound


This project has been a long time in the making so I'm excited to post about my shots for the TONI&GUY Blogged and Bound project (aka HairMeetWardrobe)! Back in February I was posting on Instagram (@emmalucey) about the shoot and then again for the video (still to be released). 

The project involved 20 Australian fashion bloggers and the photos are soon to be a 100-page book!
So of course out came the 70s inspiration for my shoot with some cellophane lighting, my favourite boots and Secret Squirrel dress and straight-as-an-arrow hair! 

To see all the photos and videos as they are released see the Blogged and Bound Tumblr here


p.s. I am about to fly off to Melbourne for a night to attend Fashionopolis so don't forget to keep track of my adventures on twitter!


DAY 5 MBFWA: Photo Diary


Already my MBFWA posts are coming to an end (although Part 2 of the film still to be released)! As mentioned in my last post I met the lovely Rumi of Fashion Toast (above) on Day 5 and ended up attending many shows including Suboo which was held at The Summit Restaurant (below). The view was excellent and the canap├ęs even better (made by owner and celeb chef Michael Moore).

Next was the Raffles showcase, Bless'ed Are The Meek (laysers included), Next Generation 2 and nANA jUDY ended the week with help from band Amy Meredith

In the end I had a wicked week and so I'd like to thank everyone involved including all the PR and peeps behind the scenes who sent out invites, took care of us bloggers and made the week another one to remember! 

PhotobucketPhotobucket PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket


p.s. Part 2 of the SPIN DIZZY FALL MBFWA film coming next!