Boyfriend Coat

 photo IMG_6579_zps3eaef153.jpg photo IMG_6607_zpsd4301ea8.jpg photo IMG_6612_zps0767aa50.jpg photo IMG_6620_zps371b728b.jpg photo IMG_6617_zps9369a048.jpg wearing: Shoes - SPURR via The Iconic, tee - Bonds, lace pants - Shilla, Boyfriend jacket - Lola vs Harper and shades - Zero UV. 

Well today I don't have much to say... because it's easter and I'm falling asleep in front of the TV, full from chocolate. RIP easter eggs. This week I was so busy that I felt the need for a little bit of minimalism (which I couldn't stick with of course, hence the bright heels), what do you think?

Happy Easter, chickens!




 photo DAREYOURSELF_zps8a80c442.jpg

If you follow my instagram it's likely you've noticed how often I like to escape to the beach and spend my days sitting by the seaside. Sometimes I dream about spending the rest of my life following the sun and living by the beach and then I realise that I'm kind of already doing that and 'the rest of my life' has already begun.

The folks over at ROXY have teamed up with Spin Dizzy Fall to give one of my readers the chance to win a Roxy gift voucher valued at (AUS) $250 to celebrate their new campaign (and contest) Dare Yourself

How to enter:
2. Leave a comment below this post telling me ...
'If you could do anything, what would you dare yourself to do?' 
It could be anything from sky diving to changing career paths or just escaping to a tropical island for a month or two. 

Giveaway will be announced on Wednesday April 3rd.
Good luck lovelies!



Red May

 photo IMG_6470_zps8848effd.jpg photo IMG_6450_zpsc7b02df3.jpg photo IMG_6460_zps6cd3a737.jpg photo IMG_6479_zps5b3ad289.jpg photo IMG_6517_zpsbbf16bb5.jpgwearing: dress - May the label via Market HQ, jacket - Cotton On, Spike bracelet - MHQ, heels - Wild Doll, beanie - eBay, bag - Handbags Hub & Shades Zero UV. 

Sometimes you just have to take a lovely, feminine dress and grunge it up like it's no bodies business. 

So far this week has been super busy for me so yesterday I had to escape and bail on my planned uni work to go to the beach. Best decision! I can't complain about this extra hot March we are having if I still get to go to the beach. Today I've been running around the city like a mad lady, going to showings, meetings and a lovely blogger lunch with the team at Elliatt. Only halfway through the week and lots more to come! Follow my twitter to keep up with my adventures.



Tiger Eye

 photo IMG_6343_zpsf42c05f5.jpg photo IMG_6351_zpse9dd019a.jpg photo IMG_6348_zps262bd083.jpg photo IMG_6359_zps8220f876.jpg photo IMG_6363_zps622fc844.jpg photo IMG_6368_zps8176e28f.jpg wearing: Dress - Hello Molly, Tiger cape - Hello Molly, Necklace - Afends, Shades - Zero UV and Boots - Betts. 

One of my favourite pieces at the moment is this tiger print cape! Check out the sleeves on this baby... major love. I wore this outfit to the Taste of Sydney festival during the week.

If you haven't been before, it's basically a food festival filled with pop-up stores by some of Sydney's restaurants and cafes. My favourite dish of the night was a yummy fregola pasta & pork ragu from Popolo stall. Add great cheese, great cider and great friends to the mix and it makes a wicked night!



Double Up!

 photo IMG_6228_zpsa6bdea78.jpg photo IMG_6213_zpsd1286d2e.jpg photo IMG_6152_zps074465d6.jpg photo IMG_6264_zps4dbc6aef.jpg photo IMG_6326_zps63dc6222.jpg photo IMG_6298_zpsb25db4a2.jpg photo IMG_6276_zps32a7c552.jpg photo IMG_6204_zpsb88449b2.jpg photo IMG_6334_zpse9d542aa.jpg photo IMG_6242_zps9c8c2dba.jpg I'm wearing: Jeans - Riders by Lee, shades - Zero UV, Top - minkpink, heels - PeepToe, bag - Boohoo, belt - Sportsgirl & necklace - d_luxe.
Luke wearing: hat - Afends, Shirt - Lee, Jeans - Riders by Lee, shoes - converse & watch - Casio. 

For those old timers who have been reading Spin Dizzy Fall since the days of yore, you'll already know Luke. For those newcomers (sup people!) this is Luke. He likes playing & watching sport, caps, Eminem, surfing and forgetting to button all his shirt buttons. He also has fresh, understated style when it comes to clothes. You'll get used to him soon enough because, this year, we are sharing some double-up outfit posts!

On another note... girls, what do you think of my platforms? O.M.G.



Cobalt Fringe

 photo IMG_6077_zps66a23634.jpg photo IMG_6117_zpsfb551f98.jpg photo IMG_6127_zps11761c94.jpg photo IMG_6131_zpsa74b9739.jpg photo IMG_6112_zps1fda7fda.jpg Wearing: Studded tank - All About Eve, jacket - boohoo, Bag - Pretty Little Thing, shades - Zero UV, skirt - Market HQ, wedges - Tony Bianco.

I swear the matching cobalt nails and cobalt bag were a complete coincidence. I found the polish while organising all my colours into a drawer (yes, I officially have a complete drawer full of nail polish) and can you believe I've had this colour since the 90s! Fashion always repeats. 

As for the bag, it jumped out at me as an exciting piece and I decided I need more coloured bags rather than a sea of black! Either way, a girl cannot have too many bags (though my guy would probably disagree). Speaking of guys, there is a new exciting "double" post on the way featuring Lukes outfit of the day too! Soon, my pretties, soon. 



NEW IN: Insta Magnets

 photo IMG_6048_zps1fd2cd1a.jpg photo IMG_6028_zps68cc0e23.jpg photo IMG_6066_zps8ef683ea.jpg photo IMG_6062_zps4d557011.jpg photo IMG_6034_zps3a24b1d4.jpg

It's like instagram in real life...
I wanted to share with you guys my new magnets that I made at StickyGram because I know there are tonnes of Instagram lovers out there like me. I thought it was a pretty fun idea and also really good for gifts because a sheet of 9 is cheap as chips. 

Find me on instagram at @emmalucey xxx




 photo IMG_5850_zps8369c8a7.jpg photo IMG_5874_zps96a5b44f.jpg photo IMG_5871_zps7728e24c.jpg photo IMG_5892_zps395753e2.jpg photo IMG_5914_zps65d3e844.jpg photo IMG_5856_zps0fa32ada.jpg wearing: pinafore - General Pants, shades - Zero UV, Tank - Cotton On, Hat - vintage, bag - Mimco and sneakers - Betts.

At the moment our place is being totally redecorated complete with brand new floors and paint. So this pinafore has literally been like a uniform lately as I can't get to my wardrobe to get new clothes! It's like living out of a suitcase except I'm in my own house.

Yesterday I spent the day on the search for a new dresser... and I found it! If you follow my instagram (@emmalucey) you would know that I found an antique chest of drawers for $75 at Vinnies. Loving it! Love a good bargain. 



InstaLOVE - February

Wearing: Dress - Beginning Boutique, jacket - Boohoo & necklace - eBay.

My february has been filled to the brim! Lots of fun, lots of new plans, lots of organising and lots of food! As you can tell from my instagram (@emmalucey) . I wore this paisley dress a couple sundays ago when we had our market stall. A perfect tee dress makes for such an easy outfit in every season.

Summer is leaving Sydney and it's time to get stuck into the year ahead. 2013 will be big.




 photo IMG_5733_zpsdd521154.jpg photo IMG_5753_zpsfb97ad4b.jpg photo IMG_5756_zpsc7f41859.jpg photo IMG_5800_zpsf16f1301.jpg wearing: Sweater - Afends, Mini Maxi Skirt - Lola vs Harper, boots - Betts, necklace - vintage, ring - Samantha Wills and Shades - eBay.

I wasn't always a huge fan of the mullet skirt but to me this mini-maxi is a totally different concept though with a similar effect. That being it can effortlessly transition from day to night wear! I wore this skirt yesterday with a (unbelievably soft) knit and then with a white tank and collar necklace at night. Me likey.

Tomorrow uni days start again for the year. Lets get this train back in motion.



Friday Flashback: New Zealand 2011


This chilly weather has got me day dreaming about my trip to New Zealand back in 2011. It was hard to narrow down these photos as I have hundreds of photos from my trip that I never got to post at the time. 

Yet again a strong case of wanderlust is kicking in and big plans for next year are already creeping (more like 'thundering') into my mind. I can't wait!