photo P1190213_zps9c671b5e.jpg photo P1190218_zps99547fce.jpg photo P1190233_zps5c9653bd.jpg photo P1190225_zps1cea4767.jpg photo P1190228_zpsba7d6b61.jpg photo P1190236_zps334f3b03.jpg
Wearing: Shoes, shorts, knit top, bag & necklace all from Next

This was my second look for the Next style challenge while in London! I ended up wearing a very similar outfit for the actual Press Day the following day (Day 4 coming soon). After a few days walking across London my feet were getting a bit tired so I was pretty scared about taking on these heels - but they are surprisingly so comfortable! A good looking pair of heels that can be play nicely with my feet? That's perfection in my books. So these are definitely a new favourite pair of mine. What you can't tell in these photos is that they have an amazing gold heel - which you can see a bit better in my 'Day 3 London' video (here). Day 4 - my last day in London - coming soon! 




 photo P1190116_zpsb85de375.jpg photo P1190134_zps875ab789.jpg photo P1190238_zpsc50258e1.jpg photo P1190161_zps58b90bc8.jpg photo P1190196_zpse76f9d46.jpg photo P1190198_zps0438243d.jpg photo P1190242_zps384c8b37.jpg photo P1190276_zpscec03a86.jpg photo P1190252_zps9484d900.jpg photo P1190278_zpsa860e8ff.jpg photo P1190283_zpsf3ebf3c6.jpg photo P1190341_zps84ef3772.jpg photo P1190383_zps4394b83e.jpg photo P1190372_zps8410fab8.jpg photo P1190397_zpsb4607119.jpg photo P1190404_zps6e09ba33.jpg photo P1190398_zpsc9bccb75.jpg photo P1190443_zps4ccccb8e.jpg photo P1190409_zps8cd0b386.jpg photo P1190412_zps3cc118d0.jpg photo P1190431_zpsd00b0d9d.jpg photo P1190434_zps5343359f.jpg Outfit 1: See last post hereOutfit 2: Dress - Keepsake, jacket - Boda Skins, shoes - Next, bag - Next.

Day 3 might have been my favourite day in London - the Next team showed us such a great time! First up it was breakfast at famous The Wolseley. I'm not usually a sweet tooth but I couldn't pass up these pancakes - I did not regret these one bit! Then it was off to the Bond St Next store for a style challenge - you've already seen my first outfit but my second is coming soon (see a sneak peek in my Day 3 video diary). Next it was off to The Shard where we were treated with a stunning lunch at Oblix - I order tuna tartare which I wish I had right now (my mouth is watering just thinking about it). The food was incredible but the view was breathtaking. After we spent the afternoon wandering around south London we headed back to the hotel to get ready for dinner at Sketch. I didn't think anything could top the day we had but Sketch was unreal. It was like we were in the middle of a Wes Anderson film and it just blew my mind the whole time. Great food, great eye candy (decor, staff and customers - it was definitely 'the place to be' in London) and great company! Also those toilets - boy, what a spin (check out my video above to see what I'm on about)!




 photo P1190309_zpsf1045ea7.jpg photo P1190306_zps67e3203c.jpg photo P1190292_zpsa3e5172e.jpg photo P1190313_zps26f90115.jpg photo P1190318_zpse54166b9.jpg photo P1190393_zps905603b6.jpg photo P1190391_zpse0392e80.jpg photo P1190388_zps234e6926.jpg wearing: playsuit - Keepsake, hat - Lack of Color, shades - Oscar Wylee, boots - Betts, bag - Status Anxiety.

Third day in London and I was right into the swing of things - jet lag was long gone. We had a bit of time to wander around by ourselves for an afternoon and that was probably one of the best parts of the holiday as I love walking around a new city not knowing where I'm going and not knowing what I'll find around any corner. It was bizarre walking through the streets and seeing the things I've only ever seen on TV or in movies (those apartments with the black doors and flowers in window boxes! Obsessed). More on Day 3 soon! I've just returned from Splendour and currently working on my Day 3 video diary. You can see Day 1 & 2 on my Youtube channel 'spindizzyfall'




 photo P1190173_zps3507fa6a.jpg photo P1190190_zps7c45ef10.jpg photo P1190182_zpscc42b401.jpg photo P1190186_zps15804853.jpg photo P1190179_zps335d96b4.jpg photo P1190189_zpsf45c3369.jpg

While in London with Next we were asked to take on a series of style challenges! This was so fun for me as it basically involved strolling through a huge Next store in the city and picking my favourite pieces to make up an outfit. For this one I went black & white. I'm not typically seen in white, but when I wear it it's usually lace! I layered this batwing piece with a slinky slip underneath. I have to say my favourite part of this outfit is the accessories! This huge leather clutch is perfect - I took it home with me and have been using it a lot since that day. I also wore these shoes a few nights while in London and received compliments from people on the street.




 photo P1180885_zpsabfdcab2.jpg photo P1180763_zpsff188446.jpg photo P1180776_zpsbc07a07c.jpg photo P1180786_zpsb1ed9e28.jpg photo P1180825_zpseacdb3b1.jpg photo P1180791_zps020a499e.jpg photo P1180799_zps065205be.jpg photo P1180829_zpsda6559a6.jpg photo P1180852_zpsd6635cd7.jpg photo P1180865_zpsf7fa725f.jpg photo P1180834_zpsc94dd46f.jpg photo P1180875_zps156d0bdd.jpg photo P1180897_zps639f2ca2.jpg photo P1180917_zpsa4420ebb.jpg photo P1180952_zpsf65dbe84.jpg photo P1180954_zps6039ffa3.jpg photo P1180975_zpsc8353200.jpg photo P1180980_zps68ece211.jpg photo P1180992_zpsc3711951.jpg photo P1190011_zps15337614.jpg photo P1190032_zpse73baeab.jpg photo P1190064_zpsb649d893.jpg photo P1190079_zpsd4c7622c.jpg photo P1190090_zps53010020.jpg Outfit 1: tee - French Connection Australia, shorts - Assembly Label, sandals - Urge footwear, sunglasses - Zero UV.
Outfit 2: Jacket - Ksubi via General pants, tee - Shilla, shoes - Converse, bag - Status Anxiety.

Day 2 was even better than "Day 1" - as I say in my video, the first day was mind blowing but by the second day we were a bit more relaxed and able to really open our eyes and enjoy ourselves. First we ate breakfast at The Breakfast Club in Soho - I over ordered as I was feeling jet-lagged plus had a lobster-hangover (not in a good way)! Ick. Luckily the porridge was brilliant. After a bit of souvenir shopping on Oxford St we headed over to Buckingham Palace to see the changing of the guard - it was crazy busy. I didn't capture it in my video but at one point the band started playing the theme song from Game of Thrones! It was so surreal being there. After a stroll through Trafalgar Square we headed to an old English pub for a pint of English cider. While resting our feet a lovely Irish business man decided to shout us all another round which was delightful! He the recommended a great place for tapas which we took a black cab to for lunch where I tried black pudding. In the afternoon we went on a (not so scary) Ghost tour around the city. It was too light for anything spooky to occur but we were able to see so much of the city and then took a ride on a boat down the Thames to the Tower Bridge. We ended the day with a jugs of Pimms in Shoreditch. Stunning day and I wouldn't change a thing about it.