Ultimate Byron Bay Road trip

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Ah, the drive from Sydney to Byron Bay is one I'm now familiar with and welcome as an easy adventure! Every time I visit I find something new and this trip was no exception as we strived to explore places unseen as well as the old favourites. We had the new Holden Spark to road test for a week so it was pretty much a no brainer! After checking into our charming AirBnB in the middle of town we had a solid feed at Bayleaf and watched the sunset illuminate the clouds from the beach. The next morning brought a visit to The Farm for breakfast and a stroll through the sunflowers before heading off inland to Protestors Falls - a short walk after a solid drive out of Byron that I would highly recommend if you've got a spare day. 

I had never been snorkelling out at Julian Rocks and after hearing that they regularly have sea turtle sightings I was hooked on the idea - you can see footage from swimming with turtles in the road trip video released soon on my youtube channel - visit here & subscribe to see it as soon as it's live! Island Quarry was a spot I had visited with a bunch of friends about 5 years ago so it was on the list for this trip. Such a beautiful place but no longer the locals 'secret spot' that it used to be, which was interesting as I believe it's being developed further for community events in the future. In between beach swims & cafe hopping we also made a trip to Stone & Wood brewery for a good ol' brewery tour! On the way home a picnic was packed which was enjoyed on the docks at Coffs Harbour while the sun set.  

Over the whole trip we were on the road A LOT and the Spark made it super easy to zip around town once in Byron - not to mention it managed to fit a surfboard in the back with ease! If you want to check out the little beast for yourself Holden currently have a pop-up at Westfield Chatswood (plus Holden as joined by Gelato Messina & their limited edition flavour inspired by the Spark!) - so get down there before 22nd May!



  1. I love Byron Bay, awesome photos, where exactly is the waterfall, never found it.


  2. Nature at its best!! Lovely pictures:)


  3. Nature at its best... Lovely pictures .. cheers!!

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  4. The road trip is so cool, and i love your all of dresses



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