Chilly Christmas

I had a wonderful christmas day with my family. We spent it in the blue mountains and for a change (living in Australia its usually pretty hot on christmas) it was cold and rainy. Though the weather didn't spoil the day!

I received some amazing presents and surprises. One surprise was a lovely owl mug my grandma bought me. I adore owls and my mug just adds to my collection! (One day i'll post my owl collection on this blog, they range from stuffed animal decorations to figurines and now to mugs=)! )

I had a special christmas skirt made for christmas day by my mum. My mum was a dress maker when she was young so she always makes me lovely skirts and other clothing.


What i wore: Hand made christmas skirt with vintage material, plain black singlet-bonds, vintage sequin cardi-opshop, lace bike shorts-dont ask amanda and red bow wedges - opshop.

Hope you all had a lovely Holiday!

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  1. ur skirt is beautiful!! happy holidays :)




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