Black is the new Black

 photo P1330559_zps9c188497.jpg photo P1330561_zps623a0950.jpg photo P1330564_zpsdc4fd37d.jpg photo P1330595_zps72281def.jpg photo P1330592_zps2c71e240.jpg photo P1330569_zpsef0bc9e7.jpg wearing: hat - Lack of Color, top - Steele, sunglasses - vintage, skirt - Market HQ (old), necklace - 32.4, shoes - Wanted Shoes.

Wow. February really just flew by, right? Apart from that remark, it's all in the title. Black = Classic. Simple.




 photo P1330312_zps660a74ee.jpg photo P1330325_zps2f72ac25.jpg photo P1330348_zps493555c9.jpg photo P1330351_zps0cb18d4e.jpg photo P1330354_zps5a843ddb.jpg photo P1330346_zpse22219fd.jpg wearing: top & shorts - Pinnacle Runway, Shades - Lespecs via Glue, necklace - 32.4, bag - vintage, shoes - Wantes Shoes.

The best thing about pinstripe shorts is that they imply professionalism but still feels like a party.
I've been lapping up the Sydney sunshine this weekend as I've got a big week ahead before I jet off next week! I've never planned a trip so last minute so this will definitely be a test for me. Fingers crossed - send me the good vibes! x




 photo P1300250_zpsdd85b592.jpg photo P1300249_zps78d77ca6.jpg photo P1300299_zps3b81cbc6.jpg photo P1300245_zpscd7a45c2.jpg photo P1300263_zps70f0d659.jpg photo P1300308_zps2a86c24f.jpg wearing: Clutch, boots, skirt & top via Oasis, Shades - ROC eyewear, watch - The Horse.

Since we are coming to the end of summer (sob) it's definitely time to organise your transeasonal designs and a leather skirt is number one on the list. A classic piece and this one from Oasis is a personal favourite of mine. Next in my books has to be boots. I still wear boots in summer on those breezy days so that one is a no brainer. 

On another (but slightly related) note, I'll actually be fast-tracking to colder climates as I leave for the UK a few days before the end of summer to start my European adventure! It is sad to be leaving this sunshine but hopefully London will be good to me anyway. And yes, feel free to send me all your London tips (looking for places off the beaten path).....and go! x




 photo EmmaLucey-7826web_zpsba39cd40.jpg photo EmmaLucey-7802web_zps0ac7411a.jpg photo EmmaLucey-7841web_zps69f03af7.jpg photo EmmaLucey-7843web_zps6d6a36fb.jpg photo EmmaLucey-7898web_zps95e161ff.jpg photo EmmaLucey-7880web_zps388429ae.jpg photo EmmaLucey-7900web_zps3d218d48.jpg photo EmmaLucey-7902web_zpsfac682c7.jpg photo EmmaLucey-7926web_zpsfd6f5495.jpg wearing: Tunic via Free People 

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to shoot with my lovely friend and fellow travelling soul, Claire from gypsy hart. She is an absolute darling and a genius behind the lens so I feel honoured to have shot together and I know I'm always going to look back on these photos as some of my favourite! We went for a very raw, natural look with simple styling and no makeup - so that explains all the freckles I guess. These photos are also making me miss my super long locks just a bit... but I know it'll grow back soon enough.




 photo P1320792_zpsda95ef3a.jpg photo P1320721_zps54379c27.jpg photo P1320829_zpscc89a977.jpg photo P1320817_zps199dd32a.jpg photo P1320802_zps3184455d.jpg photo P1320809_zps9fb42d3d.jpg photo P1320855_zpsbdd2371c.jpg photo P1320940_zps5bb542da.jpg photo P1320987_zps350048b3.jpg photo P1320978_zps8537161a.jpg photo P1320969_zps735e8724.jpg photo P1330002_zps8bfa426d.jpg photo P1330009_zpsd1989ba5.jpg

After I was able to get an exclusive sneak peek of the show from behind the scenes last week I was so excited to get the VIP experience at Pacha for Objektophilie! The amazing geometric costumes that I was able to preview last week looked wicked on stage and the make-up was wild! We were seated at our own booth with a perfect view of the main stage performances. Although there was activity everywhere so I found myself skipping around trying to see everything on each level – not an easy feat when there’s so much happening! 

The CLUB MTV Tour provided music with Melbourne dance duo SCNDL turning the tunes late into the night. Personally I was digging the tracks played by NatNoiz – she really warmed up the crowd before the headliners hit. Between feeling up a grass covered lift, to sitting gob-smacked watching the aerial artists, and cuddling the Pacha dancers covered in huge balls and other crazy costumes, I can safely say that Pacha delivers an ace night out in ol’ Sydney town.




 photo P1330032_zpsaf7770a6.jpg photo P1330023_zps89aa2085.jpg photo P1330014_zps803f9e8c.jpg photo P1330035_zpsb3cd0020.jpg photo P1330045_zps61fe9956.jpg photo P1330052_zpsc510fc8a.jpg photo P1330017_zpse19de560.jpg photo P1330057_zps05dee213.jpg photo P1330091_zps42029204.jpg photo P1330058_zpsaf355ccf.jpg photo P1330062_zps159c43a3.jpg photo P1330067_zps01ee2033.jpg photo P1330087_zpsb3e5493a.jpg photo P1330096_zpseea13431.jpg photo P1330175_zps27398407.jpg photo P1330125_zps9855e323.jpg photo P1330186_zpsdcca7367.jpg photo P1330111_zpsa4c16bbd.jpg photo P1330191_zps96992331.jpg photo P1330162_zps1f9fbcdc.jpg photo P1330192_zpse4a276f6.jpg photo P1330206_zpsf448a2a3.jpg
wearing: Dress by Head and Heart the label, shirt - Mavi Australia, boots - RMK, sunglasses -vintage, bag - Status Anxiety.

Yesterday we headed over to St Jerome's Laneway Festival 2015! What I love about Laneway is that it has similar vibes to Splendour in the Grass but it's right in the city so you bump into even more  familiar faces for good times. The fashion and eye candy were at a high and the gozleme tent was going off as per usual. Music wise - there were many many highlights. Jungle had a huge crowd grooving, covers from Dune Rats (Blister In The Sun) and Mac DeMarco (Reelin' In The Years) were well received, the dreamy voice of Banks had everyone under a spell, as did the fluid dance moves of FKA twigs on the main stage. Although I have to say that no one brought the vibes or had the crowd feeling like family more than Flight Facilities! Apart from unfortunately being cut off by council at 10pm (on the dot) due to noise restrictions, the performance was flawless and at one point during Crave You I think a the singing from the crowd was louder than the music. 

Big hugs & kisses to Visa Entertainment for having me there at the Festival and I'm happy to inform you guys that Visa has a huge competition going on right now! Details below.

Laneway Festival-goers have the chance to win a VIP Trip to Laneway Festival Singapore in 2016. Use your Visa Paywave card at any of the 5 Laneway Festival bars, and you will go in the draw to win a trip for you and a friend to Laneway Singapore 2016. The prize entails economy airfares, 3 nights accommodation, and airport transfers in Singapore, a VIP package to Laneway Festival for two, and a $500 AUD prepaid card.