photo P1400606_zps7xqijx7t.jpg photo P1400568_zpsflmulodo.jpg photo P1400616_zps9vew5k86.jpg photo P1400608_zpsouv5ihfv.jpg photo P1400524_zps6rds06cm.jpg photo P1400556_zpskcrd3bl3.jpg photo P1400528_zpsmt1xqsoh.jpg photo P1400447_zpscwns9tat.jpg photo P1400517_zpsiu1d7tc1.jpg photo P1400671_zpse5bkrj3n.jpg photo P1400538_zpsbjhnkrdi.jpg photo P1400540_zpssuxixs4x.jpg photo P1400629_zpssxyr3fwl.jpg photo P1400565_zps2eznpaep.jpg photo IMG_7489_zpsa47k52vk.jpg photo IMG_7659_zpst2djac6d.jpg photo P1390946_zpsn1lcsrl7.jpg

While in NYC the highlight of our trip was Top of the Rock. When in New York a lot of people visit the Empire State Building to get a view out over the city. Although, when visiting Top of the Rock you  get this amazing view of both central park AND the Empire State Building. Top of the Rock is actually on top of Rockefeller Center and the building is 70 floors high - alternatively known as '30 Rock'. The building includes Radio City Music Hall as well as the headquarters of NBC which has most of the networks NY TV studios including The Tonight Show (Jimmy Fallon) and Saturday Night Live. 

We went in the evening before sunset to capture the best light over the city and despite it being a very hot day, by the time we reached the top it was really windy and cold - so be prepared with warmer clothes if you want to spend hours marvelling at the view like we did. I would 100% recommend visiting Top of the Rock to anyone visiting NYC. Afterwards we grabbed some cupcakes from the famous Magnolia Bakery and saw 'Matilda' on Broadway (note: I'm not a huge musical fan but Matilda was pretty great - music by Tim Minchin who is excellent). More of NYC to come!




 photo P1390905_zpsaw69lras.jpg photo P1390857_zpsftqezyji.jpg photo P1390853_zpsbbeg0rtb.jpg photo IMG_7395_zpswxthmgfv.jpg photo P1390926_zpsrg9iipu4.jpg photo P1390913_zps3713mx7c.jpg photo IMG_3856_zpsov6uh00s.jpg photo P1390943_zpsocikdhdr.jpg photo P1390951_zps1irqe5f4.jpg photo IMG_7145_zpsqjwjfpo6.jpg photo P1390748_zpszrnwh9hx.jpg photo IMG_7141_zpszboyrnzu.jpg photo P1390769_zpsxax6wrs5.jpg photo IMG_7124_zpsepkzvgs5.jpg photo IMG_7150_zpsbrk2fa5y.jpg photo IMG_7208_zpskzic5aex.jpg photo P1390781_zpso9kizfpa.jpg photo IMG_3855_zpsmtkfiooy.jpg

I'm psyched to finally share some snapshots from our time in the big apple! As I've said in my previous post, New York City was a huge ball of energy constantly bouncing around in a concrete jungle. We had a bit over a week to spend there and we definitely made the most of our time. We were staying with a good friend in Hells Kitchen, Manhattan so we were right in the thick of it and not far from Times Square. After visiting a few times we quickly learnt to stay very clear of the square if we wanted to get somewhere quickly, as it was utter chaos! There was street entertainers, roadworks, local new yorkers mixed in with thousands of tourists all marvelling at all the signs and stores crammed into this space. After we'd had our full we made our way to Grand Central station (completely beautiful - the ceiling!) where we thoroughly enjoyed our first taste of Shake Shack. For me, it lived up to the hype! A must while in NYC.

We also spent time at the NYC Library, the High Line and Chelsea Markets. The High Line provided some amazing views on the New York City streets and street art - although it was very hot when we were there so if you go in the summer I would recommend going for a walk early to beat the heat (and crowds). 

Even though it was quite hot and streamy in the city when we were arrived we were so lucky to have lovely sunny weather. We spent a Saturday riding bikes through the city and then around Central Park before settling down on the grass to watch some baseball and eat some bagels. It couldn't get much better (or 'New York') than that!



From London to New York

 photo P1070357_zpsdcxwmgd8.jpg photo P1070342_zpstifdpaz5.jpg photo P1070288_zpslinxry1w.jpg photo P1070329_zpszxads4yk.jpg photo P1070307_zps9ath9cma.jpg photo P1070354_zpsifv2axkx.jpg photo P1070403_zpsbrqhktzj.jpg photo P1070491_zpsqxrsw4sd.jpg photo P1070524_zpspxl9qcle.jpg photo P1070541_zpsoierkltk.jpg

While on our most recent travels through europe, we eventually found ourselves in London after a few crazy weeks in Germany, Czech Republic, Croatia and Montenegro. I believe it was my 4th visit to London and whenever I'm there I always feel as ease and comfortable. It's one of my favourite cities in the world. After a somewhat relaxing week in Shoreditch we decided it was time to make the big leap across the pond and fly from one major city to another - LONDON to NEW YORK! The contrast of these two is almost indecipherable even to those who've visited both. The cities are so immense that you find yourself feeling extremely insignificant, which is often a good thing. The way I felt in New York was the complete opposite to London - an extremely fascinating city but could only be taken in doses. Nevertheless, New York was completely inspiring and it's true what they say about 'a city that never sleeps'. 

The same can't be said for this guy! Peter Alexander is currently on a 'World Tour' with his new collection with designs inspired by some of the most dreamy cities around the globe. As a big fan of the good ol' sleep tee (and of course, travel!) I didn't hesitate when asked to present the new styles inspired by cities I hold fond memories for. A little 'behind the scenes' scoop to end on ... all these photos where actually shot by my right-hand (wo)man @Alysejl in Sydney! Although I'm actually in the middle of editing some shots from when were in New York, New York recently - so stay tuned!




 photo image1-5_zpsvbmx9hai.jpg

This year, the year I turned 25 (quarter century sounds a little horrifying sometimes), I decided to take on months of travel at a time. I had a great life at home but I’ve always had a burning desire to see the world and I finally realized I needed to stop ignoring the flame and let it burn wild across the globe. Freedom is something I see as greatly important. Of course a concept so grand can often feel unattainable or may even be so daunting that it produces a reluctance towards change and makes us want to scurry back into a safe ‘Netflix and Chill’ mode.

Your comfort zone might be fun and all but it doesn’t compare to the feeling of the blood pumping hard through your veins as you hike along a vast canyon in the Andes, or feel the first rays on sun on your face as you watch the sun rise over Machu Picchu or even the goosebumps up your arms in a lively club as you accept a salsa lesson from a stranger. I experienced all these while on my travels through Peru. My sister was set on travelling South America and Machu Picchu had been #1 on my travel ‘must-do’ list for years! She saw the tour with G Adventures from La Paz to Lima and sent me the link (I’ll link the tour we did here too as I’ve had a few of you guys emailing me about how we got around). That day I let go of that reluctance and took the next step towards a new adventure … “Done, book it!” And there you go. There I am looking over Machu Picchu, bordering on tears and feeling absolutely, no-doubt-about-it, ALIVE. 

Your time is now. G Adventures is giving away 3 life-changing adventures around the world– if you’re ready to take the #nextstep just follow this link to enter www.gadventures.com.au/next-step

(Competition only available to residents of Australia & New Zealand)



 photo P1040798_zpsqm3b27gq.jpg photo P1040833_zpssqnod1qv.jpg photo P1040888_zpspd9cs2e3.jpg photo P1050108_zpsuo4av9i3.jpg photo P1440407_zpsy8iglpun.jpg photo P1440557_zpsznchixvr.jpg photo P1440508_zpsgzljmdk7.jpg

One of the activities in Vanuatu that gained the most attention on my instagram posts (@emmalucey) was visiting the Blue Holes. I was lucky enough to see two while we were on Espiritu Santo - Nanda and Riri Riri. 

The Blue Holes are a natural creation, formed when springs of fresh water rise to the surface cutting through the limestone. Nanda is considered the most beautiful blue hole in Vanuatu and if you're looking for colour and clarity then I completely agree! You can see little schools of fish swimming around and diving down to the bottom. We took a canoe ride along a river to reach Riri Riri and I would also recommend this as the depth of the river changes as you paddle up to the blue hole - it's so interesting to watch the bottom as you go along through the forest.