photo P1240918_zpsa255dfd4.jpg photo P1240944_zps3b5ffda5.jpg photo P1240939_zps88b2bbc1.jpg photo P1240878_zpscb347368.jpg photo P1240854_zpsf9e33cae.jpg photo P1240848_zpscf9d6d9d.jpg photo P1240762_zps39ee71d1.jpg photo P1240765_zps8b4004e8.jpg photo P1240772_zpsb90d6649.jpg photo P1240795_zpsdc95a4c5.jpg photo P1240798_zps1f396556.jpg photo P1240816_zps01d0e32d.jpg photo P1240807_zpsa62db188.jpg photo P1240823_zps5dcba4f5.jpg photo P1240951_zps448d8377.jpg wearing: jeans - Mavi Australia, top - Market HQ, shoes - Tony Bianco, bag - Status Anxiety.

On our last day in Turkey we were taken on a private tour of the Mavi jeans factory. It was mega. Every staff member had a different job and would pass the designs down the line. From zippers, to pockets, from denim cutting to laser printing. Yes, lasers! As you can see we were also surprised with cute little laser prints of our own. We also saw how they stone wash their designs and how they get the perfect crinkle. So much work is put into each design and you really appreciate the designs when you see how high the quality of production is. After the tour we had a huge lunch - as we were told "you're in Turkey - you got to eat like us!" And we were definitely treated to a feast! 

As I wrap up my Europe posts I want to say a huge thank you to the Mavi Istanbul team for being amazing hosts and Mavi Australia and Trans Turk Travel for making the trip possible in the first place! We had a killer time and it's definitely a trip to remember. 




 photo P1240737_zps747ade6e.jpg photo P1240627_zps9c002c5a.jpg photo P1240640_zpsbde3cde9.jpg photo P1240658_zpsffac3c3b.jpg photo P1240666_zpse2fcb46d.jpg photo P1240412_zps435e738f.jpg photo P1240406_zps15e2352a.jpg photo P1240414_zps0d7c8411.jpg photo P1240711_zps72790d7f.jpg photo P1240718_zpsfea4b8f6.jpg photo P1240386_zpscd0340c6.jpg photo P1240698_zpsbc077a73.jpg photo P1240707_zps93725a1f.jpg photo P1240746_zpsb2cf1633.jpg photo P1240129_zps2873989c.jpg photo P1240147_zps94deb9ee.jpg photo P1240194_zps5dc37a65.jpg photo P1240170_zps36670d12.jpg photo P1240188_zps26db4ddf.jpg photo P1240142_zpsdcc4b559.jpg photo P1240135_zps27237937.jpg photo P1240973_zps65ce50c2.jpg wearing: top - Market HQ, Skirt - Mavi Australia, necklace - H & M, boots - Zu.

While in Istanbul we had a few days to wander about on our own. Our first stop was the Hagia Sophia. Even though part of it was being renovated it was still stunning. We also got the chance to make a wish at the wishing column which was pretty funny (I'll include some footage in my upcoming video from Istanbul on my youtube channel - spindizzyfall). We decided to revisit the Grand Bazzar for a bit of shopping and also explore the Spice Bazzar which was magical. As you can probably imagine the smell in there was pretty amazing and we ended up with quite a few little spice kits & sweets. As if we hadn't had enough we headed over to one of the best cafes in Istanbul for turkish delight and order a few plates of sweets. The next day we went made our way to the Galata tower which boasts 360 degree views of the city. As you can probably tell a lot of our time also revolved around food. It's a bit hard to describe everything we ate so I guess I'll let the photos do the talking this time! 




 photo P1240441_zps27e4a6c4.jpg photo P1240432_zps6200c6e1.jpg photo P1240547_zps755540c6.jpg photo P1240460_zps868c2537.jpg photo P1240447_zps5eb4fbc7.jpg photo P1240551_zpsce7f118e.jpg photo P1240484_zps4b26d5f0.jpg photo P1240503_zpsf6e2c3f4.jpg photo P1240535_zps4bfa0e3a.jpg photo P1240466_zps925dba72.jpg photo P1240564_zps5b8f61e8.jpg photo P1240568_zps13ef8e67.jpg photo P1240571_zps09124752.jpg photo P1240577_zpsdf218e88.jpg photo P1240574_zps41ad38c7.jpg photo P1240587_zps5304a6e6.jpg photo P1240594_zpsea9ccc1c.jpg photo P1240617_zpsefaa4e8e.jpg photo P1240616_zps6ef7ab09.jpg wearing: Shirt - Mavi Australia, shorts - old, shoes - The Iconic, bag - Status Anxiety.

As you can probably tell from the photos we were treated like absolute royalty when Mavi took us out for a day on the Bosphorus. We were invited on a huge boat and taken on a private tour of the Bosphorus, complete with wine & nibbles. We were then taken to the launch of the new Mavi commercial which featured Istanbul 'It girl', Serenay Sarıkaya and the talented Chase Armitage (seen above doing tricks in Mavi jeans). If that wasn't enough we were also given tickets to go see Lady Gaga. I never pass up the chance to experience live music in a new city - it's so interesting to see how the artist interacts with their audience and vice versa. A great ending to a perfect day! More from Istanbul to come!