heat wave ways

Its super hot here in sydney today so i spent most of my time indoors and the other travelling in my car with the air con on full blast and music up LOUD!


Wearing: Vintage Leotard-opshoped, Shorts-Cassette Society, Hat-Akubra, Rings&pendant-opshop, bali and friends.

i have a problem on my hands. I want a vintage car, something really unique and cool
(see eg- lords of dogtown, blue baby, thelma & louise)
but something as cool as that wont be cool on the inside and without air-con and a ipod dock im not sure if i'd make it through summer
(or winter without heating for that matter).

then again i can always just put my 'car' savings towards my 'travelling' savings and not worry about a car.
What do you think?

Not long till Christmas now! Happy Thursday!


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  1. Love this blog of yours! You are such a cute girl!


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