vintage dreams

Last night i dreamt that i had arrived at an outdoor shopping mall and was running through the lines of racks as if they were an orchid. In the distance at the end of the row i could see velvet. Not just velvet. The most amazing velvet leotards and ruffle mini skirts you can imagine. When i reached the leotards i looked at the sizes one by one. the leotard was a fitted bra design and i could not for the life of me find one that would fit me (as usual with a size 8-10 bloody +Dcup body!) i continued to look and look becoming more and more inpatient! As i ruffled through the racks i began to run and look. But as i ran the racks began to thin out. Plastic coat hangers with nothing on them began to appear and more as i ran. How could this be happening! I found the perfect leotard and now its disappearing before my eyes! When i had almost given up hope i spotted something in the distance. Could it be? YES! It was my size in big black letters! I ran and ran harder than i had before. I slowed as i reached it, so happy that i finally had found what i had been looking for. I took a deep breath and stretched out in front of me to take it gently in my hands. i longed to feel its smooth fabric and its delicate fit. My hands were inches away, SO CLOSE!
i woke up to my puppy scratching at the door. I looked down and to my dismay i was not holding my velvet dream but my bedspread instead.
I still believe that if i reached out any further and grabbed that fictitious leotard in my dream it would be hanging in my cupboard as we speak.
Ah what it is to dream.

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  1. oh em gee you are a perfecto body size!! life is so cruel


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