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Last night me and luke went to see Avatar 3D and OH MY GOD did it live up to my expectation and mmmore!
The entire movie was fast and there wasn't one second of it that you could use to re-apply lip gloss or look down to find the popcorn, you just couldn't look away. Throughout the whole movie you were learning about the world and cultures of the people. Every scene was beautiful and mystifying, it was out of this world (well it was, it was on another planet actually but i was aiming for the expression there rather than... oh anyway you get the point)!

It was so realistic (you wont understand till you see it) and you believed that this was happening on Pandora.

It also had a teeny weeny tiny hint of whats to come with our world if we're not careful (small references to earth- in 2051 a dry land with nothing but dirt and no green in sight).

I believe this movie will be revolutionary in the film/DVD/3D world.

Now i just wish i had an Avatar and i think I'll stop writing about it now cause I'm disappointing myself as i realise it wont ever happen.


So this is what i wore: singlet tank-AA, Floral Skirt- vintage material opshop and altered, Boots-Opshop, Aligator purse-Opshop


  1. i'm going to see avatar tomorrow, glad to hear you don't have to be a 15 year old guy to love it! cute outfit.

  2. i love ur boots! cute outfit :)



  3. Thanks Natalia and Natalie =)

    Yes Avatar is so amazing. If it really was 10 years in the making, im glad it was =)


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