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The last photo is just for fun and to show off my new ring.

So I have decided I want a new camera. My current camera was "supposed" to be one of the best digital cameras (non SLR) you can get on the market but in my opinion lets just say I've almost smashed it on the ground a couple of times. It cost almost as much as an SLR but it was chosen to take travelling and had to be compact. I have an old Minolta SLR but of course I need photos to put on the net and not just for the photo albums.

So now I'm hoping to save up and buy a digital SLR and am now considering the Nikon D60. I've heard good things about it and it seems basic but good quality. Let me know what you think and what you've heard or experienced? please (=

Now I'm off to go Valentines shopping. It may or may not be for myself...


  1. i'm camera shopping as well, mine takes crappy pics :( but wait a minute did u just take these pic using ur current camera? They are kinda dope!

  2. Oh wow! really? who would have imagine all this trouble u have to go through to snap some pics! I need to start saving money, cameras can be so expensive, but I will keep u posted on which one I will end up getting! CIAO! :D

  3. Not really that much trouble at all =) but a better camera would be lovely

  4. You're so pretty!:) haha

    I am in the same boat right now, as far as only having a minolta and no digital slr. I'm saving for the d40 i think? But the d60 looks even better!
    (gorgeous blog by the way)

    xx, Hayley

  5. can't believe we have only just discovered your blog, amazing styling, you're gorgeous! we'll definitely be back, come follow us if you fancy. Happy Valentine's and lazy Sunday :) xxx

  6. you remind me of lily allen in the 5th shot especially. loving your blog and style! xoxoxo


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