On the Cold Floor in the Corner

Took a series of 'artistic' self portraits the other day in my Vintage wool hat and my Long John Onsie.

I was trying to capture the dark, tangled, odd and raw sense/feeling thats popular in some photo shoots lately. Just basic make-up with a nude lip colour. All natural tones that brought out the green in my eyes.

Let me know what you think and which is your favourite.


  1. i love your hat!
    the makeup suits you
    i like the simple look

    your outfit is awesome :)

    cool blog.


  2. I really like the way your "Winter-esque" wool hat Here mischievously flirts with laid back "barefoot Style", AND the way your sulky/wistful Allure subtly "twists" this cocktail . . .
    ps: About your precedent posts, I have to say that you really know How to wear short denim shorts on such a "Vavavoooooooomesque" mode !!!

    à Bientôt, Antoine

  3. Hey!
    super-cool pictures!
    make me think of the ones by french label Roseanna swim, have a look!
    My favourite is #1, tight decision with #6 #7 #8 and the last one ;-)

  4. i thought you looked familiar, i just saw you on mode republic, what a small world! thank you for dropping by my blog.

    your eyes look amazing in these photos :)

  5. love this! my fave is the top picture, your eyes are amazing! just discovered your blog and will definitely be following from now on.


  6. you are beautiful! adorable outfits, thanks for the comment! Let us know if we can make anything for you to wear on your blog. We are setting up a paypal account soon!

  7. just stumbled across your blog, love it! definitely following, love the hat. i have one equally as furry :)

    helen xx

  8. beautiful and i like your hat! you are beautiful!

  9. Love this series of images. Very original.

    PS. Much admiration all the way from India! :)

  10. You look hot! Can't wait till I lose weight and I can dress like you.

    Visit me at www.alzybaby.blogspot.com

    -- Your average ghetto chick!

  11. you;re so cute.. love ur blog.



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