mist and rain

I wore this to a friends BBQ last week. I had denim fever all weekend and wore this slouchy jacket for most of the time.

denim jacket - vintage
dress - vintage
necklace - Las Vegas
buffalo hide purse - vintage
boots - rubi
tights - ebay






If you guys follow me on twitter you'll know that i just booked my trip to melbourne! I am so excited!

We are planing on staying in the CBD most of the time (to go down every street and ally we can find!) but also might be heading out to camberwell markets on a sunday.
Dear those who live in melbourne or have been before, where else should i go?
(If you don't know already i love vintage and arty things and love bargain hunting. So anywhere that involves these things)

I'd also love to know any cool places to have breakfast, brunches, lunches and dinners?



  1. ahh you will have so much fun! Make sure you get to the camberwell markets fairly early as it closes at 12 i think.. xx

  2. I love the jacket and the dress is so cute! Havelots of fun in Melbourne, I'm jealous!

    Sincerely, Sarah Margeurite

  3. Catch a tram down to St Kilda - Acland Street is amazing - vintage shops, cheap shops, expensive shops, Sportsgirl, cute little shops with weird things, etc etc.


    Above is a link to what I did in St Kilda the second last time I was there!

    Enjoy your stay!

  4. i've also just booked i trip to melbourne. it's only for a few days though. hope you have a blast !


  5. oooOo alley ways, market stalls, cosmopolitan restaurants! love love love! and THE TRAMS!!

    have fun bargain hunting! :)


    x Your Only Blackswan

  6. You talk about the denim but the real star of this outfit is the dress, it's so dreamy.

  7. If you love asian bakeries then definitly try Bread Top, the best/weird combinations but so yummy.
    Also some cool bars are Madame Brussels (think Alice in Wonderland with astro turf, white furniture and rooftop bar), Little Sista and Section 8. All really cool, quirky and laid back.
    Enjoy, I personally love Melbourne.


  8. Melbourne is great. Head out to North Melbourne (tram route 57) for drinks at Prudence, coffees at Auction Rooms, pub meals and drinks in the beer garden at the Town Hall and breakfast at Grigons and Orr. Savers is a great place for Op Shopping, there is one on Sydney Road, Brunswick, but the cheapest Savers is in Footscray.

    Make sure you have some dumplings in China Town, but no matter what anyone says - don't go to Shanghai Dumpling House, it may be cheap but it doesn't taste so great.
    You can go ice skating in Docklands - or go to the body parts exhibition down there, or the Tim Burton exhibition at Fed Square.
    Sydney Road has great places for cruisy drinks (Brunswick Green, The Retreat etc), but if you want somewhere fun to drink, try Brunswick St, Fitzroy area. There is also a fantastic place that makes the best baked potatoes on Brunswick street.
    That's all I really know of Melbourne, but I haven't been here very long. Why not go to a bookshop and have a look through any of the Melbourne books for more ideas, like 'Hide and Seek Melbourne', 'Cheap Eats Guide' and heaps more.
    Clearly, I think Melbourne is AWESOME!
    I hope you have a great time!
    (Oh, and rug up! It's a bit chilly down here.)

  9. definitely go to retro star, in the nicholas building, swanston street, you'll love it! vintage dresses, t-shirts, jackets.. pretty much anything you want :) have fun x

  10. Wooo Melb!!!! love the bag...u have to go to shag vintage in Melb..its fab xx

  11. Great outfit. Love your jacket and bag!

  12. Retro Star definately!
    Heres the website for it (: http://www.retrostar.com.au/
    Have fun x

  13. wow~!welcome to Melbourne~! I may see you in Camberwell market =P

    Try little creature on Brunswick st, i'm sure you'll love it!


  14. LOVE the jacket


  15. i think you'd enjoy checking out the bars actually..have u been before? to
    1. the croft institute (21-25 Croft Alley, Melbourne)
    2. section 8 (yeaah like michelle mentioned) :)
    3. the 'BOX' is interesting, like drinking in a gallery. add: 189 Collins St, Melbourne (dont know if its still there)
    4. St Jeromes Laneway (T intersection) at: 7 Caledonian Lane, Melbourne. (funkky music, it's really like a house party but with lots of fun (but some scary seedy) randoms
    5. rooftop bar like michelle mentioned is awesome too :) nice chill atmosphere looking over melbourne

    also, i think you should consider going for a horse carriage ride through the CBD, ask to go around the park, twinkling fairy lights <3

    as for food, why not go fine dining? :), try the press club, aphrodite dessert (72 Flinders St Melbourne)


  16. you look like such a little model-y babe in these photos x

  17. Omg, I am so excited for you!!! Camberwell is definitely a MUST! The best place to head down for vintage pieces is Smith street, Brunswick street. It's very similar to New Town in sydney. But you always find something amazing there no matter what. Brunswick, the area overall is amazing.

    Melb. city is so easy to get around, if you go down alleys and whatnot you find anything. Degraves is a good one!

    When are you coming to Melbourne?? xx

  18. You definitely check out brunswick street fiztroy while you're down in Melbourne! Some really good shops, as well as a few cute little bars and places to eat.

    Have lots of fun, Melbourne is great!


  19. Fitzroy for clothes, drinks and food. St. Kilda's pretty good too.

    Breakfast places: The Green Grocer, North Fitzroy
    Three Bags Full, Abbotsford


  20. St Ali in South Melbourne is my fave cafe. I haven't been on a weekend before as I work in the area so if you can get there on a weekday I highly reccommend it.

  21. oh have so much fun!! you will have a fantastic time I'm sure. If you head to chapel st, make sure that you go to Chapel Street Bazaar, at least for a look. Seriously I could have spent all day exploring that place and still come out empty handed! :)

    There are some great cafes along there too (as well as some other vintage stores and op shops).

  22. errrm come hang out with me? bargain hunting and brunch are probably my two favourite things ever. how long will you be here for?


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