Its been over a year since I've visited my hair dresser and I think its time we met up again soon. This is actually a good photo of my hair but now its quite heavy and it sits flat against the sides of my head and I feel like I'm twelve years old again.

I'm in a bit of a pickle and I'm not sure if i should just ask to get it the same but trimmed or get a different cut. What to do?
One day I will get it cut to my shoulders but for the summer I think i still want it long.

I haven't been the best blogger lately but I have got a few fun little projects ready to show you and one or two still in the making.

I post more often on my tumblr during the week so you can follow me here if you like.

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  1. Oh noooo... mine was like yours and then I stupidly cut it short short 2 yrs ago, I'm still impatiently waiting for it to grow back again. :(


  2. I'm growing mine so I am slightly biased and would say you're hair is lovely and to only get a little trim. Watch them hairdressers they're scissor happy. My previous visit was terrible, actually most the time it is, she cut it lopsided haha. If you want a change you could get it razored at the ends which makes it textured and pointy with some layers in it? Or if you are brave cut it yourself, I did that for years :-)

  3. I'd love to have ur hair!
    Before you cut it, you should dye the ends... That way if you don't like it, meh, Its going to be cut off anyway!

  4. Hi-ya Sweet!

    Love the blog and your vintage store.

    I'm the Creative head of clothing brand MINKPINK and i also have my own line called EVIL TWIN.

    This is going to sound really strange, but i'm
    needing some cute sydney girls who aren't shy in front of a camera for a new project i'm going to start work on.

    If you are interested in more info please drop me an email at jodie@minkpink.com


  5. I also am growing my hair and am in love with yours, maybe just a trim for summer shorter for next winter?

    Also i'm starting a blog of my own but can't figure out how to upload large pictures? Any help would be soo appreciated! Love your blog!

  6. don't do it lovely!
    your hair is exactly how i want myne to be, but sadly it won't grow or it's taking it's time.



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