wearing: Jacket - Vintage (love the flare sleeves!), tee - Material Attention, Skirt - Cotton on, Bag - vintage, gold nails - OPI, watch - vintage and necklace from Bali.

I am sneaking in this blog post in between study breaks! My first set of Uni exams for the year are in motion and each day I can be found in my room surrounded by a nest of books, notes, readings, handouts and pens galore. Oh joy, doesn't it sound fun? I think I would actually enjoy learning about some of my subjects if I wasn't cramming it into different shelves of my brain in the space of the long weekend! (note: I do actually enjoy my subjects but my exam timetable is just one right after another)

Apart from studying I had to show this Tee I was sent by Material Attention. I like to call this a butt hugger tee since it dips down at the back. It keeps your butt a little warmer and I really like how this ones has different stripes on the front and back in a lovely golden colour.
Material Attention currently have free shipping so be sure to check that out for winter finds.

Here are my photos of the outfit I wore from day to night.
And also the photos in between of the autumn leaves outside my door with the sunset in the background. Preeetty.




  1. Looking great as always! Good luck with your studies too xx

  2. the gold hues really suit you (including nails)! and your autumn leave photos are magic! Good luck with your exams, all this study talk reminds me of when i went to uni - which feels like a lifetime ago :S

    x Lauren

  3. oh i havent spied that on the website! but it looks fab on you - love how the stripes are in alternate directions front/back. & i love cotton on! its perfect for finding some quite inexpensive basics that can really add to a whole outfit. cannot wait to finish exams so i can actually go out & shop rather then stick to online ;) & im feelin' ya with the exam timetable, my final three are tuesday, wednesday, thursday.. makes for fun times :|
    also, i dont believe we are at the same uni - im at newcastle & im guessing you're somewhere down in syd? &&& my vest comes from jeans west!x


  4. that top is so cute! I love the attention to detail. your hair is getting super long again and it looks great! good luck for your exams :)
    xx cindy
    Origami Roses

  5. Loving the way you styled the night look. Good luck with your exams, I'm sure you'll do great! Reading this is my procrastination/study break :)

    Aleena x


  6. amazing get up, the vintage jacket is top drawer! xo

  7. Wow those photos are so pretty! I love those autumnal colours!

  8. Your blog is pretty amazing. I love your hair especially. :)


  9. That's a lovely 'butt huugger tee' hehe.

    Good luck with your exams dear :)


  10. so so cute! i love that jacket! :)


  11. Loving the flared denim! And the colours in those leaves are amaze.


  12. great outfit..and your autumn leaves are so pretty x

  13. Love the leaf pictures! Autumn is so gorgeous.

    I know the rest of the world is begging for Summer to hurry up but I'm dreading it. Although I will admit walking from QVB to Oxford in the rain/gale force winds this morning was not fun by any known definition.

    I like your sneaky plait sneaking its way into the photo.

    -m xx

  14. Beautiful leaves! I love the colours. x Vanessa


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