Meet Market for MHQ


Finally, I can share the photoshoot I was in for Market HQ a couple of weeks ago!
The 'Meet Market' went live last night and I am already thinking up friends I can sign up for the competition because the guys are all lovely!

This is the second shoot that I've had my hair put up (not common for me as I usually wear it out) but this time I actually loved it and tried to keep all the crimped height on top for a day or so after. I love the makeup and the styling was genius! Everyone at MHQ were really lovely so it was a fun experience!
Thanks to everyone who has already sent me such sweet feedback about it. Sometimes I can't believe I get to do stuff like this by being a blogger so thank you to everyone who reads SPIN DIZZY FALL.

The details for the competition are below and you can win a $1500 MHQ voucher to share just by signing up a friend [HERE]. Have fun ladies :)




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