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 My least favourite era in terms of vintage clothing is the 80s. The shiny material, the shoulder pads, the puffy dresses.... great for dress up parties but nothing really fits with my personal style!
I'd say this coat is borderline 90s but the fact that it's 10 times the size of a normal coat kinda makes me think of 80s. However I'm diggin it's man-eater-like size. Even more paired with skinny-minnie disco pants underneath and a clashing print (another vintage score).

Even though I usually love my fair share of winter I can't stop dreaming of going to Bali in June. I'm actually in the process of selling some of my vintage wardrobe and brand new pieces so keep an eye out vintage lovers!

 Some of you said you liked the flash-night posts. Well good news, more night photos to come. Winter is here!



pants - MINKPINK via Market HQ
Coat, necklace and top - vintage opshopped
shoes - Tony Bianco
Bracelet - PeepToe
Cardigan - The Cassette Society




  1. love this outfit, great find with the top and jacket!


  2. I love your coat! I'll probably look like a freezing child wearing it but you look super good.

    LOL, the thoughts of Indonesia in June makes me depressed quite a bit... And the fact that Bali is so close yet so far makes me depressed even more.

    Love the bracelet by the way!


  3. this coat made the whole outfit totally elegant! love the english touch

  4. super duper cute! i love this! xx


  5. I hate the 80'stoo. This coat isnthorribly 80's though it's ok haha

    Come see my new DIYs!
    (I follow back)


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