Guys, I forgot to post my Bali video!
My Bali trip was pure holiday through and through so all this video was taken when I felt like filming and other times I just sat back and watched the sun go down without instagram-ing it or whipping out my camera. This Bali trip has been one of the highlights of my 2012 so far!

I miss watching old home videos so I want to make sure I still make videos throughout my lifetime. I'm really getting into making videos these days (even if they are a bitch to edit) so expect to see more in the future! Subscribe to my youtube channel to see them first! 



  1. Aww love this video! Makes me miss Bali so much!

  2. Hey Emma,
    Great video! Just wondering what program you used to make it?

    Brittney xx

  3. How freakin big is that coconut you are drinking 1 minute in!?
    As always, love your travel videos - makes me wanna go back to Bali so bad!

    A x

  4. Ohhh lord I'm having Bali withdrawals!

  5. Hello, great video! I have a techie question...what camera do you use to film and what programme do you use to edit? I am looking to buy a camera but am seriously over my head about what to buy *help* x

    1. Hi! For this particular video I just used the HD video setting on my 500D Canon dos SLR camera and edited with iMovie on mac book pro.
      I now also has a pocket camcorder which is great (and of course much cheaper) but if you're looking for an all-rounder I'd recommend the DLSR with HD movie. Although it doesn't have auto focus which is why I now have the pocket camera for movies :)
      Hope that helps!

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  7. I didn't see this answer and asked the same question on your other video..*oh dear* Obviously having a senior moment!! x

  8. hi emma... first time visiting your blog here!!!
    BALI! my hometown.... watching your video makes me miss home even more. although i'm actually only 1.5hours flight away from home, but leaving bali is always hard for me.
    Anyway, I've followed you!! :) ming visiting my blog? and maybe followback too?
    Cheers~* xo


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