InstaLOVE - Spring (Part 2)

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As promised here is my PART 2 of Spring InstaLOVE!
October started off with a much needed (week-long) break from uni. This meant I was able to attend a few events (Seafolly Summer launch & a few friend/family events). Luke and I also took off to Melbourne with a bunch of friends to spend the long weekend exploring the lane ways, eating great food and finding hidden cocktail bars at midnight. 

It was then back to uni, but I still managed to fit in more events (including C&M by Camilla & Marc) and even a Saturday morning photo shoot for Hysteria Magazine all around Sydney. We took advantage of events on around the city throughout the month such as the Night Noodle Markets in Hyde Park and Sculptures by the Sea in Bondi. Plus lots of new shoes arrived in October (YAY)!

Looking over these colourful, fun photos makes me so excited for the coming summer! I have just finished my first exam today but unfortunately there's still one more to go (on saturday...).
Stayed tuned to my instagram though! I have my friend's wedding on Saturday too and will be posting my outfit for the day.




  1. Love how colorful all your pictures are :) So cute as always! x

  2. lovely blog! you have great style. I can't wait to follow along and see more
    xo Jessica
    follow back if ya like!

  3. Okay, seriously, could you be any cuter? I'm absolutely loving these instagram shots, and your style!! Definitely hoping to one day visit Sydney soon!
    xo TJ



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