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I was asked by Logitech to try out some of their new Case+ products, which came at the perfect time as I was in need of a gadget update! 

First up was the Logitech Case+Tilt. The tilt panel is multifunctional - it can mount your phone to metal surfaces, it can be a kickstand to prop your phone up or it can serve as an earbud cord wrap to keep them untangled in your bag. It comes in lots of colours too. I’ve personally found this really useful when taking selfies. It sounds silly but by ‘selfies’ I really mean outfit details (for my social media updates). When using self timer I would usually try and balance my phone on its side, risking it falling to it’s death off the counter onto the floor. Needless to say the tilt makes it much easier! This would also help if you like to make video calls or if you like to cook (which I do) you can put your phone on the fridge to read recipes from. Pretty handy! (RRP$49.95) 

 Next was the wicked Logitech Case+Energy . For those who tend to be out and about all day (and for those social media addicts - like me) it’s so frustrating when your Phone battery dies before the end of the day. At fashion week I had an external charger to get through the days but I always forgot the cord it required and I really needed to be sitting down to use it otherwise it always got tangled in my things when on the go. I’ve now been using this Logitech Case+Energy and it is perfect! I love that it fits on the back of the phone case and even the charger looks like a case! I don’t find it bulky at all and it’s simple to use. Ticks all the boxes for me! Definitely consider this one if you’re looking for a external phone battery. I’m actually going away camping for the weekend where there are no chargers so I will be putting this baby to the test again! (RRP$119.95) 

 Lastly, is the Logitech Case+Drive. Some of you may know that I bought a car earlier this year and I have to say I adore my Jimny aka Jim. Although now since I drive everywhere I get lost a lot so GPS is essential for me. I did have an old phone holder for the car but it was one you had to open the clasp and snap it in place (usually requiring two hands). After using the Logitech case+drive I realized how dangerous my old one had been. This one is so easy! After installing it (which can be to your windscreen or even to your dash - it comes with a special dashboard disk) all you have to do is place it on the mount for it to snap into place, thanks to the magnetic case! The case also comes with the car mount. The mount is adjustable so it can fit a lot of different ways and you can choose the placing that’s most comfortable for you and your car. The Case+Drive is RRP$69.95 which may sound a little pricey but when you consider it comes with the case and it’s ease of use then I really believe it’s worth it. 

 For a closer look at all three of these products check out this fun video by Logitech or visit Logitech for more in depth info. I’m excited to announce that the amazing Logitech team has also offered me these products to giveaway to my readers! 

For your chance to win one of these products follow these steps to enter:

follow Spin Dizzy Fall on either bloglovin or Google Friend Connect
- follow me @emmalucey on Instagram
- Comment below & leave your email address along with which product you’d like to win! Please choose only one.

Australian residents only.

Good luck!



  1. I'd like to win the logitech case+energy and my email is lbbsteph0@gmail.com


  2. What a fabulous giveaway!
    I would love to win Logitech Case+Energy. No need to worry about my phone running of of battery again!

    Followed on bloglovin and instagram.
    email: sw_shiyi90@yahoo.com

  3. aimbergamo16@gmail.com
    Logitech Case+Energy

  4. I would like to win the Logitech Case+Energy.
    Going to Thailand at the end of this year, it would be so handy!


  5. Suzanne Dang. suzannedang@live.com

    Logitech case and energy pls x

  6. I would love to win the Logitech Case+Energy. I swear iPhone batteries run out so fast!!!
    email: craneelspeth@gmail.com

  7. Love to win the Logitech case+energy, such a great review!
    Email- claireelise12@hotmail.com

  8. Oh the tilt sounds right up my alley. I do the same with my selfie thangs but I have zero patience for trying to sit it on it's side properly lol. Blah it takes so much effort!

  9. I never like being lost or late without Google Maps and phone calls to get me out of tight situations... Logitech Case+ENERGY seems essential for my 24/7 lifestyle!

    Following on Instagram and bloglovin' - Jennifer B.

  10. I'd love to win The Case+Drive since I drove everywhere and used GPS on my phone!
    email: ahandfullofcupcakes@gmail.com x

  11. I follow via GFC and Istagram :) (kaizenfashion)
    I would choose the Logitech Case+Energy! Thanks!

  12. The Logitech case+ Energy looks great :)


  13. Just in case this is open to American readers (but I'm pretty sure it's not), I think the case+tilt would be so neat. I can't begin to count the times I propped my iPhone up to FaceTime and had it going sliding away.

    ashley.terrago at gmail.com

  14. Hi!
    I would like to win the Logitech Case+Energy.

  15. I would absolutly love the Logitech Case + Energy! Exactly what I need!

    Thanks! xx

  16. I follow on Bloglovin and Instagram (rosss12)

    I only use voice directions from my phone because I don't have a legal holder so a Logitech Case+Drive would be perfect for the time when I need to see that extra bit of information coming into a tricky intersection.


  17. Follow on Bloglovin (ellenfaith) and Instagram (_ellenfaith)

    Logitech Case + Energy would be perfect! I'm travelling to Italy in July and this would be a life saver for me!

    email: ellen.masquerade@gmail.com

  18. OOh I want the phone mount!! x


  19. Hi,
    I would love to win the Logitech Case+Drive as I too, have a new car!!
    Following on bloglovin + Insta.

    mariya.bell@gmail.com :-)

  20. Makes life so much easier...
    Would love to have one!



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