Tiny Tea Teatox by Your Tea Review!

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Those who have been readers for a while will know that I’m a big tea person. I’ll probably have less than 5 coffees a year but I drink a cup of tea everyday – usually much more than one! If you haven’t noticed I’m also pretty obsessed with instagram, so obviously I noticed the YourTea account as it gained more and more popularity. I had to give it a try. Looking at the Your Tea website I decided on the Tiny Tea 28 day pack (there is also a 14 day pack available). I wasn’t hoping to lose weight or anything, mostly just achieve a nice light feeling and a bit of a detox – plus trying new tea is always fun! I’m told the Tiny Tea teatox can be used by people who a) desire a detox alongside exercise & healthy eating, b) those who are overweight who want to lose weight – though will also be exercising and eating healthy, and c) for digestive purposes or to gain energy. So I guess I fell into the later category even though I do exercise and eat healthy too (sometimes) – but I mostly wanted to gain energy and continue regular digestion.

So when my tea arrived, my first impression of the sweetly packaged product was that it smelt just as sweet! I loved the smell and I think it tastes just like it smells – so that’s a big plus for a detox tea. When I started drinking the tea (recommended 3 a day) I did experience a little bit of an upset tummy for a couple days – however the website says that this indicates that the tea is performing changes and can be totally normal. So if you d try it and experience this too, don’t fear! Once you get over those first days it gets much better. In the beginning it was hard for me to keep up a regular routine due to events and meetings I was attending so at one point I decided to stop and start again at a better time. So personally, I would recommend planning out your teatox ‘calendar’ with care – just to make sure you’re able to stick to the plan and ultimately benefit from the Tiny Tea teatox. Perfect for someone with a regular routine (for example, those who have a regular lunch break at work). Luckily, I was able to find time to continue my teatox anyway!

While using the TinyTeatox there were a few things I noticed. I found I had a good amount of energy (tick) but I made sure to not push myself when running just in case. If you feel like a change throughout the day, mix it up with a touch of honey or some lemon. Sometimes I would have a tea with honey in the morning, a tea with lemon after lunch and a plain tea just before dinner. Also I found my skin was really clear – which is always a bonus! So for those that want to give a nice, healthy tea a try but a bit scared about a teatox, I think the Tiny Tea Teatox by Your Tea would be a great introduction! It is very gentle on your body, perfect for those with a daily routine and tastes lovely. If you’ve tried it too I’d love to hear your personal experience in the comment section. Happy weekend!



  1. ohh great! i would like to try it


  2. I really want to try this out but it is quite expensive for tea! :/ But if it actually does what it says it will do then maybe I might give it a try :D Great review!
    Sofia x

  3. those leggings are out of this world amazing! I worked with you briefly while I worked at Portobello (you may remember). Loving the styling. xx

    Anna Chidiac
    insta: @annachidiac
    twitter: @annarchidiac

  4. Yeah, will try a sip next time!! Those leggings are too superb! Thanks for sharing :)


  5. I have to admit I am not a tea person - and If I do have it, it has to be direct from the plant - for example freshly cut lemongrass !
    However I have to say that a detox tea does sound interesting.


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