ROME - Part 1

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After our time in Positano we decided we'd sneak in 2 nights in Rome. Therefore we planned to see Rome in a day! Maybe it was crazy but I absolutely loved it. It was such a huge day that I've had to split the photos into two parts. After a bit of research (on trip advisor of course - my bible!) I found there was a group of history students/experts who ran a free walking tour of the city. In the morning at 10am-12noon was the 'Vatican tour route' and in the afternoon at 4pm-6pm was the 'Colosseum tour route'. We decided on doing both tours and even booked tickets into the Vatican museum at 1pm. Thank goodness we did because the line to get in without pre-booked tickets was unbelievable... as in people were waiting for hours and hours just to get in. At 10am we almost missed the tour when we stood under the wrong pillar near the Spanish Steps - a quick dash up and down the steps before we found the group had us puffing before we'd even started! After walking through the high-end fashion streets of Rome we came to the Pantheon. I was pretty excited to see it as I had studied the structure & artwork back in high school. The dome is just enormous and absolutely awe-worthy. We made our way through alleyways and past monuments till we ended up at The Vatican. In one of the photos above Luke is pointing to the 3rd window where the Pope addresses the public. I took hundreds of photos while in the Vatican museum and the majority of them are of the roof artworks... mind-blowingly-beautiful. I've had to be strict and only use a few in this post but trust me when I say that a visit is worth the crowds. My favourite was the Gallery of Maps ... that was before we arrived at the Sistine Chapel. I know people say it's overrated, but it was another piece that I studied in school and it was unbelievable to actually be there. We even managed to get a sneaky selfie while we were there - pretty proud of it since the guards were very strict and getting people to delete their photos if they were caught. Stay tuned for my next post - Rome part 2!



  1. Rome looks beautiful, I am loving your scarf to! xx


  2. Ah I'm so jealous! Rome looks amazing!



  3. These travel photos are making me so incredibly jealous and I now have intense wanderlust! Glad you had a fantastic trip and I've loved reading all about it :)



  4. Great pictures!
    Loving the scarf
    S xx


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