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From one extreme paradise to another. Where Lembongan was all blue, Ubud is all greeeeeen goodness! Ubud is my favourite place to visit in Bali. It's a little more quiet than the non-stop kuta/seminyak, it's surrounded by beautiful rice fields and it's the heart of tradition and culture in Bali. As always, we went to a Kecak dance (highly recommend seeing once at least once! I believe I've seen seven now), we went cycling on a tour (perfect if you want to meet new people and see the countryside), and we went white water rafting (more of this in my video to come)! For any outfit details check out my instagram - emmalucey



  1. very beautiful post!
    I have a new casual look in the blog!

    NEW OUTFIT POST IN THE BLOG: casual november

  2. These photos are beautiful, the scenery looks idyllic! The pig and the monkeys are so cute haha. The Kecak dance looks so fun, Ubud looks like an amazing place to visit!

  3. I love all your travels! I feel like I definitely need to go and explore bali one day... seeing as we are so close here in aus! x


  4. Beautiful pictures. The pig looks soo cute :)

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