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Oooooh what a night! I’ve been off travelling the globe quite a bit this year and between travels I always make the most of being around my friends. This year our schedules clashed and we missed that precious night of the year when you personally alter reality … Halloween that is. So ‘Hallo-whenever’ was born!

It was a challenge to host a Halloween get together for absolutely no reason other than the fact that we wanted to. An approach to living inspired by Chambord’s #becausenoreason attitude, where we do and we don’t for no reason whatsoever.

What do I need? The drink, let’s say “potions”, the treats and the costume. My potion of choice was the Chambord Royale (recipe below). For the treats, I tracked down some toffee apples (Hello childhood memories). As for the costume, as you can see I went as a clown … Wearing a cat mask.... (I kid!)

Life is pretty spooky at the best of times. So if there’s an excuse to eat candy & mix potions I’ll take it. #becausenoreason

(How to make a Chambord Royale? It's simply a splash of Chambord added to your favourite Sparkling or Champagne. Add a Raspberry garnish for a little extra magic). More #becausenoreason here
This post was created in partnership with Chambord. Please remember to always drink responsibly.


  1. nice pics ;]]

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  2. Ooh my first post is actually on a Halloween get together :) nice pictures , loving the outfit

    Leah || accultur-8.blogspot.com.au


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