photo P1290915_zps8d58cadf.jpg photo P1290770_zps86d69bde.jpg photo P1290764_zps7d844f4e.jpg photo P1290761_zps1319f253.jpg photo P1290777_zps4a64a1a2.jpg photo P1290773_zpscc597d74.jpg photo P1290931_zps28d4e317.jpg photo P1290936_zpse5c7e6c2.jpg photo P1290883_zps31e5699c.jpg photo P1290823_zps94876112.jpg photo P1290845_zps69868d7f.jpg photo P1290878_zps88292dd6.jpg photo P1290847_zps5c12429a.jpg photo P1290860_zpsc2e0ddc6.jpg photo P1290939_zps82a95a67.jpg

Our last days in Singapore were filled with shopping, a bit of chill time, a bit of exploring and cocktails! Not bad at all. If you've seen my video from my last post you'll know we went to Little India where we tried some indian food at the Tekka Centre. While eating there was a gorgeous, old indian woman sitting next to us who was so friendly that she ended up taking us upstairs after lunch to the clothing level and took us shopping. I'm always a skeptic (especially when travelling) so at first I assumed she would be taking us to 'a friend' of hers to spend our money. I was proven wrong that day as she was a fantastic person who gave us some amazing recommendations and was genuinely interested in us and our lives back home. After we said our goodbyes I realised that perhaps I need to be a bit more open to meeting new people and having new experiences as not everyone is out to get you. Having said that I really believe that when travelling you must trust your instincts! 

Luckily we had a chance to also visit Marina Bay Sands and had drinks at Ku De Ta while enjoying that famous view of the city at night. For dinner it was chilli & butter crabs - apparently a 'must' in Singapore which everyone enjoyed. We finished off our trip with obligatory Singapore Slings & peanuts at Raffles hotel the next day before our flights. Raffles did not disappoint! 



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  2. So much color and amazing looking food, always love your travel posts for the photography


  3. Your pictures really capture how bright and beautiful everything looks! Hope you had a great Christmas :)
    Sofia x

  4. Happy New Year Emma, here's to a wonderful 2015! ;) x


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