photo P1320792_zpsda95ef3a.jpg photo P1320721_zps54379c27.jpg photo P1320829_zpscc89a977.jpg photo P1320817_zps199dd32a.jpg photo P1320802_zps3184455d.jpg photo P1320809_zps9fb42d3d.jpg photo P1320855_zpsbdd2371c.jpg photo P1320940_zps5bb542da.jpg photo P1320987_zps350048b3.jpg photo P1320978_zps8537161a.jpg photo P1320969_zps735e8724.jpg photo P1330002_zps8bfa426d.jpg photo P1330009_zpsd1989ba5.jpg

After I was able to get an exclusive sneak peek of the show from behind the scenes last week I was so excited to get the VIP experience at Pacha for Objektophilie! The amazing geometric costumes that I was able to preview last week looked wicked on stage and the make-up was wild! We were seated at our own booth with a perfect view of the main stage performances. Although there was activity everywhere so I found myself skipping around trying to see everything on each level – not an easy feat when there’s so much happening! 

The CLUB MTV Tour provided music with Melbourne dance duo SCNDL turning the tunes late into the night. Personally I was digging the tracks played by NatNoiz – she really warmed up the crowd before the headliners hit. Between feeling up a grass covered lift, to sitting gob-smacked watching the aerial artists, and cuddling the Pacha dancers covered in huge balls and other crazy costumes, I can safely say that Pacha delivers an ace night out in ol’ Sydney town.



  1. I really love your dress <3 so cool:)

  2. you look utterly beautiful...really owning it in that amazing white lace dress!
    perfect photos<3
    wonderful styling <3

  3. Love this, adorable outfit too! x


  4. That dress looks so good with the boots!!


  5. Crazy fun! :) x Jenelle


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