MBFWA 2015 Wrap-UP

 photo P1360543_zpsfen30bpk.jpg photo P1360478_zpsikyjhwhc.jpg photo P1360489_zpsz3hh7v0t.jpg photo P1360725_zpsvajydtvy.jpg photo P1360623_zps2p0akon2.jpg photo P1360662_zpsqxqr3yjx.jpg photo P1360771_zpssc9wqqkj.jpg photo P1360818_zpsv1xjeznp.jpg photo P1360916_zps4nyeybqr.jpg photo P1360749_zpsmumhbffu.jpg photo P1360838_zpsrzrc8uet.jpg photo P1360881_zpssey6rfuw.jpg photo P1360870_zpsznp8rqwr.jpg photo P1360922_zpswegebmtw.jpg photo P1360993_zpszp7y1all.jpg photo P1370110_zps7qemissi.jpg photo P1370013_zpseudnjzrz.jpg photo P1370113_zpsapkz1q0l.jpg

Last week at fashion week was a whirlwind. Right now I'm not used to anything else! Here are a few snapshots from the week that was. 

1. day 1 at carriageworks, 2. divine lunch with Swarovski, 3. girl squad, 4. with Kate after the Alice McCall show, 5. prints at Lee Mathews, 6. street styling, 7. We Are Handsome featuring some familiar sports figures, 8. day 3 details, 9. drinks at Bondi with Bondi Bather crew, 10. snacks between shows, 11. all black for day 3 (wearing Ellery & Free People), 12. snow in sydney, 13. fooling around with Kiara after the Jennifer Kate show, 14. prints at cs EDIT x Kirrily Johnston, 15. drained pool at Bondi Icebergs for 10 Pieces show, 16. last day outfit - wearing Khalo top and H&M skirt.



  1. I really love your second look! It's really fantastic:)

  2. Fashion Week looked incredible this year, I'm still in awe over the location at Bondi Icebergs! You looked amazing during the week too! x


  3. so cute photos ;-)

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  4. That shot of you and Kiara is gold! Looks like a great week, how do you manage to not look jet-lagged at all?! Also, now I want soft shell tacos... nice! xx Jenelle



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