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Day 2 in Berlin! We made our way to Berlin’s oldest restaurant, Zur Letzen Instanz, in business since 1621 it has welcomes many famous guests including Napoleon and Goethe. I decided I had to try a Berlin favourite, Eisbein, pork knuckle with yellow mashed peas and bacon. I knew it would be a big meal when I ordered it but the pork knuckle was the size of my head! After such a huge lunch we decided to walk it off by wandering along the East Side Gallery – the gallery of the artwork on the remains of the Berlin Wall. 

We ended the day at Clärchen’s Ballhaus, an old ballroom turned restaurant-slash-disco! We drank wine in the afternoon in the lovely outdoor section with fairylights and vines covering the building, followed by dinner. I ordered something I loved when I was in Germany last; kaesespaetzle! It’s almost like the german version of mac & cheese and made with egg noodles. Amazing! As the sun went down we made our way inside to hit the dance floor with travellers and locals alike. 



  1. your photos are wonderful! living vicariously through you xx come stop by my blog sometime, im new to the world of blogging!

  2. I love reading your blog and seeing where you been. My travel list has grow immensely!

    Jenn | Jennifer Jayne

  3. This looks absolutely incredible and you have taken such beautiful pictures. I cannot wait to visit one day.


  4. Love the pictures ! dreaming of visiting berlin soon ! Currently doing a history IA on the berlin wall aha would much rather be there than at my desk working ! xxx

  5. Lovely photos- wish I have a chance to visit Berlin someday!


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