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As I've said before, looking back on Croatia is blissfully hazy however a few spots I loved were Split and the island of Hvar. While in Split we spent one evening hiking up a small mountain to see the sunset. We bought ourselves some sushi and a bottle of wine and started up the walkway only to get ourselves confusingly lost on the way, almost missing the sunset completely. In the midst of being lost we decided we may as well open up our wine which, in hindsight, probably isn't the best strategy while trying to get 'un-lost'. Somehow we eventually made it and saw one of the most candy-coloured sunsets I've ever seen in all my sunset-watching experience. 

While in Hvar the first thing we did was buy a couple of beers & climb our way up to the fortress for an unbeatable view of the island. Definitely a "take me back" moment. 


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