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While in NYC the highlight of our trip was Top of the Rock. When in New York a lot of people visit the Empire State Building to get a view out over the city. Although, when visiting Top of the Rock you  get this amazing view of both central park AND the Empire State Building. Top of the Rock is actually on top of Rockefeller Center and the building is 70 floors high - alternatively known as '30 Rock'. The building includes Radio City Music Hall as well as the headquarters of NBC which has most of the networks NY TV studios including The Tonight Show (Jimmy Fallon) and Saturday Night Live. 

We went in the evening before sunset to capture the best light over the city and despite it being a very hot day, by the time we reached the top it was really windy and cold - so be prepared with warmer clothes if you want to spend hours marvelling at the view like we did. I would 100% recommend visiting Top of the Rock to anyone visiting NYC. Afterwards we grabbed some cupcakes from the famous Magnolia Bakery and saw 'Matilda' on Broadway (note: I'm not a huge musical fan but Matilda was pretty great - music by Tim Minchin who is excellent). More of NYC to come!



  1. Beautiful pics, makes me miss NYC!



  2. Hello dear, absolutely adore your blog! i am just curious about your Oscar Wylee sunglasses you are wearing in a lot of your posts and I am just wondering what style they are? They look like the Brooke style and also if you could tell me whether they are in the colour tabby tortoise, or malamute. Thanks so much lovely xxxx

    1. Hey Charlotte!
      I do have the Brooke by Oscar Wylee but actually in these recent posts I am wearing the Soelae by Sunday Somewhere http://www.sundaysomewhere.com.au/collections/sun/products/soelae-marble

      Hope that helps!



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