Antique Bow & a poodle

A busy but lazy day it was today. If that's possible.
In the morning a went fishing with a friend. No clouds in the sky, it was great weather. I love fishing but i always let fish go. I've caught a fish every time I've been to this particular spot but we didn't technically catch anything today. Something mysterious was on my friends line but we couldn't pull it up and im glad we didnt now. Who knows what it could have been but it was white and not moving...




After lunch i went Op-Shopping and picked up some lovely items.

A black leotard with a floral texture which i think i'll be keeping for myself.
Two green shells that are usually used for napkin rings but i'll be using them from decoration in the stock storage/hang out room (after i re-paint it).
This amazing plastic Forest Green Bow hair clip and
a navy blazer (that i dont have a picture of) that has pre-rolled sleeves and everything! It has everything. I couldn't not get it even though its starting to feel a bit more like summer. Thank god.
i might be going to the drive in tonight. I feel like playing Grease!

Also above is my puppy <3

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