i want one of these


This shot is from the American apparel blog California Select and apparently they just got these floppy bows in and i want one!

Madonna Style.
I'm thinking of making one cause i just can't wait! I've made a bow out of denim before and that turned out pretty well.

Should i use velvet?


  1. i think these bows are SO cute, and if you were to make it out of velvet it would be devine, also im a fan of your collection :)

  2. Thanks for the tip, yeah i think they're really cool! i want to make one but i know it wont be as good as these.
    Thank you! Always love a fan!

  3. hahah, no thankyou..im actually biding for the adidas leotard atm, been counting down the days hoping that no one beats me to it:)..if you do make one of these you should deffinately upload a pic ill be the first to check it out!

  4. Oh yeah, that ones really cool! And surprisingly comfy :)


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