Garden Update!

So I've been wanting to expand on our veggie garden and haven't got around to planting anything.

By a happy mistake we picked up lots of plants last Saturday (at Alfos Fete) that were left over! But wait there's more.
They were already planted and WELL on their way to being veggies and flowers and fruits!

On the down side i had to drive them all home and whilst turning corners the larger plants fell in front of my vision. Anyone who saw me would think a sunflower was driving my car. I got a rash from it too.

But its OK cause it was funny at the time, even though i was alone i laughed...
My new plants include:
A great big sunflower pot that Luke had to carry outside for me,
(another) Tomato,
CORN (yum fresh corn, can't wait!),
baby spinach,
lots of herbs,
Strawberries and heaps more that i can't remember.





Penny-Lane Chasing a Fly.

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