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DIY 'Bike' Stockings!

If you've read earlier posts you'll know I've been wanting bike shorts and i bought some tights during winter with the intention of cutting them.
i haven't done that yet... BUT
I was going to try cutting some stockings that were destroyed (very easy to do on a cold winter night out) and then over locking them.

I did an experiment and turns out i didn't even need to sew them up! They held all by themselves, so now i have some adorable little stocking shorts to (flash &) wear under my short skirts!
Bit messy with the cutting but then again i don't really care since i kind of want them to fray a bit.
Pretty simple really. All you need is some stockings and scissors. Just mark the length you want them (whilst wearing them) then cut away! (my stockings were medium thickness so this might not work for thin or silk stockings but then again if you want the frayed look, go for it!)

Also in this photo, my DIY hole socks i cut last autumn.

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