roll me in designer sheets

Oh how i wish i were at woodstock.
After reading (in oyster, shown below) about Emile and his roll in the film 'Taking Woodstock' i couldn't wait to see it, though i still havn't got to it (its been release definately in the US but didnt hear much about it here).
I also enjoy watching Demetri Martin and was very surprised when i saw he had the lead.
Has anyone seen it? And how was it?
Also a shoot in Oyster - the outsiders called 'i am an island'.

pee.ess- i got a hair cut today and it was my first one this year! Can you believe it?! my hair dresser saw me and just looked at me in a surprised manner and said 'where have you been?'
'... i don't know?'
i wouldn't say i'm rid of split ends but its the way i like it.
Still a little bit woodstock.


  1. the girl on the first pictures looks like you :)

  2. Actually, the girl in the first picture is Alice Ormsby-Gore, a British 'it girl' of the 60s and best known for being the girlfriend of legendary guitarist Eric Clapton. She, along with her sisters Jane and Victoria, inspired a whole collection by none other than Anna Sui! Also, the picture was taken at a Rolling Stones concert, not Woodstock.

    Just thought I'd tell you...


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