Summer Bolts

Not really much to post in summer as far as outfit updates go.
I like to wear as little as possible in summer so the only good outfits will be when i go out at night but i never have time to take a photo before.
I'm going down the coast next weekend and i can't wait to sit on the beach all day and build on my tan. Luckily in july i was in bali and got a pretty good winter tan but its pretty much gone now.

So this is what i wore today. I changed alot actually cause i got up very early (not like 8am early, more like 5.15am early!) and ended up having a lovely morning at the beach before it got hot and crowded.


Sunnies: ray bans, cosies:one teaspoon, shorts: diy-opshopped, lightning singlet: sportsgirl

My singlet always reminds me of harry potter.


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  1. Hi Emm, my friend and I stayed at La Pensione Boutique hotel, it was tiny but really nice and in a great location. I'm so jealous, I love Melbourne, can't wait to get back there.


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