christmas eve eve

Today i went last minute shopping AGAIN and good thing i did. I had to drive my dad to a Christmas party and before i left i had to change his entire outfit for him cause it looked like he was going as charlie sheen to a fancy dress party. All he needed was the socks under his sandals.
So i did a bit of clothes shopping for him and bought some nice shorts and shirts even though he said he didn't want clothes. Too bad, its kind of a present to myself cause now i don't have to walk next to a charlie sheen look a-like.
Tomorrow I'm going Christmas SALE shopping for myself! Cannot wait! End of season sales, here i come!
Today i wore my hair in a large messy plait. It worked out great actually, because i had my hair in braids last night so my hair was all fuzzy. Usually my hair is a limp loser attempt at a messy plait.


I wore: my sisters baggy tee, 'pencil' bandage skirt, early christmas present studded leather purse and ballet flats


  1. love ur top! :)



  2. Your blog is really cool, i'll be following!



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