i wish


My Wish List. These are some of the things I'll be trying to capture for myself in the new year. Oh and i really really hope i succeed!

1. Docs! Well duh.
2. A subscription to frankie Magazine
3. New platforms booties for winter (pictured are ALASS peep toe boots from Topshop)
4. Pres-sale tickets to splendor in the grass! Now in Woodfordia, Queensland!? I was so looking forward to visiting dear Byron Bay =(
5. Owls, Owls and more Owls! Oh how i adore them.
6. Knee high boots also for winter (these also from topshop - BRITANY over knee boot)
7. Orange lip colour. Continuously looking for a nice one.
8. Vintage Teapot
9. Black wedges. Hopefully it will get cold early next year and we southern hemispherians will get our go at wedge booties. Please hurry!
10. Tickets to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. I think I'm a bit late now though
11. Hot slim Winter coat. I really would love a nice warm cosy coat that looks as good as it feels! (pictured Fullcircle coat, source- frokaholics)

Now i just need a shooting star to wish on.

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  1. I too could settle for #1, #2 & #10 ... Nice blog by the way, have a great new year!


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