Lady Umbrella

I went shopping today, yet again! It feels like all im doing lately is shopping! But the lovely dress that i bought was on sale at myer so who could say no? It has a great vintage hint to it which ofcourse i love!
I think i'll be wearing it for my new years events.

Did i already mention that my grandma let me take one of her vintage lady umbrellas home to take care of?
Oh well she did and i love it! I've always wanted one but they are so expensive to buy from vintage fairs. Today was a bit rainy so i took it with me.

I didnt wear my cardigan all day so i dont know why i have it on in the photo, it covers my outfit! Luke was wearing his new T-shirt today. Its by an artist that has slipped my mind (so silly of me) shes on the tip of my tounge. I'll post it when i remember.

Wearing- Mums vintage floral skirt, vintage heart necklace, vintage umbrella and the rest already mentioned.
Lukes wearing- T-shirt-(insert artisit here), nudies and havanas. (he didnt want his picture taken =) )



  1. i love ur casual outfit, both of u guys look so cool! :)



  2. That outfit is so loveky. I can see how you love that umbrella it's lovely.
    That vintage look, looks great on you..
    From Dolly,
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