Budget Buys

A little wishlist of some lovely items for winter that wont break the bank! Some great alternatives for someone saving for something special =)


1. Susie boots - rubi shoes ($39.95!)
2. Fire Engine Swing Skirt - re-new ebay store
3. Cotton wool (for knitting huge warm winter scarves) - at your local $2 store of base warehouse
4. Hooded Cape - ebay ($38.99)
5. Plum Opaque stockings - ebay ($7.99)
6. HUGE tracksuit/sweat pants (i'll be getting mine from the mens section for extra warmth) - Big W (from $12.90)
7. lace up boots - ebay ($52.86)
8. Crunchie Bar (YUM) - grocery stores (under $3)
9. Owl ring (for my collection) - etsy ($26.50)

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend!

Whats your favourite season of the year?


  1. Spring is my favorite season!!! <3
    Lovely ring!!!! I have the lace up boots too!! Are totally cool! <3

  2. Ooooo, I hadn't seen this post! Thank you so much for the mention. Very excited to have been mentioned on someones blog! hehe



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