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I thought I'd post some pictures of my old Minolta camera.

It was my grandma's and is now so old the light metre doesn't work so every time i use it i just have to guess the aperture. I love the photos that i take with it but don't use it as much as i wish i could nowadays. The size doesn't bother me (i love walking the streets with it slung over my shoulder) but its just that I'm so used to seeing a photo right after its been taken i am so impatient with the whole film developing process.

In the photos I'm wearing my dads old 'the young ones' t-shirt. (If you've never heard of the young ones it was a British comedy show back in the 80s and mainly got its laughs from slapstick and its strange plot turns.) Its not for everyone but i enjoy it.

And yes, that is a painting of john Lennon. I got it for my 18th birthday and was shipped over from Bali. It pretty much takes up the wall and i love it.



  1. I really love the first shot. Cool room and camera! (I have an old Minolta too!)

  2. i love your camera :) and your painting is amazing, as wel as the young ones shirt. you got a very vintage cultured feel in these photos



  3. loving the first photo. the john lennon painting especially



  4. i also LOVE that first shot, beautiful! i'll definately check out the Q&A and would definately be interested in answering some questions :)

  5. Amen to the 'camera-slung-over-shoulder' aesthetic. I have an old Praktica and the light metre's broken too so I only shoot in good light. PS...love the Young Ones


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