making plans

I'm so happy to have my weeks work finished and done! Yesterday i was even happier so i bought myself a lovely tri-blend circle scarf. I love it already even though its still summer (till monday!)
I also came home with a dark red lipstick, new nail polish and a ball of wool.
I saw a rectangle beanie i really liked in general pants and i thought it would be a good DIY project. I thought if it goes south i can always just buy it.

Actually i have a few DIY projects lined up and i really hope I end up doing them. I want to sew patches on a pair of jeans like these (below) and i also would LOVE to make a winter cape. Its so hard to find a nice vintage cape so im just going to make my own (like the ones from American Apparel) I think it would be easy enough right? Just a circle with a couple holes cut out =) so i'll be keeping my eyes out for some nice material.

source: knightcat, lookbook -chicmuse


  1. Love your photo! You look stunning! I've been trying to attempt those patch jeans but i just can't work out how to sew them on a machine without having to unpick the side seams first!! I guess hand sewing the patches on is the best option. ZZzzzzzz..



  2. awesome pictures!!!! i love that cape from chicmuse
    it's amazing

  3. Cant wait for the DIY!
    Good luck with your project! I'm starting one of my own soon!


  4. Hey! I looove the way you're wearing that scarf!
    I doubt I could pull it off though...I also saw those jeans and died.
    Wanttttt so bad.

    Love your blog!

    Stace x


  5. girl you look stunning in that first photo ! this is my first time here, but how amazing is your blog? i perused through your photos and thought to myself "OMG WHERE does she buy these amazing pieces?" THEN i realized you had an ebay shop and now im sitting here clicking through all your amazing pieces. i'm definitely linking it so i can stop by more often - with your permission of course ;)

    xx lue


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