where's your wild thing?

I woke up, had a bagel and tea then was right into work work work to get all the vintage items ready for sale. (see items in post below)

I went on an unexpected shopping trip at lunch and bought these amazing Black suede booties (mentioned in my earlier "budget buys" post).
I was planning to get them in plain black leather but i couldn't resist the suede ones.
I adore them and cannot wait till it gets cold enough to wear them out.
I think I might get the plain black ones or some nude coloured ones too. Why not?

I love this mesh tank.
It's wild and very soft. The feathers remind me of owls so ofcourse i love it.






What i wore: Wild Feather print mesh tank - under the table, DIY studded shorts - edwin and New Black suede booties - rubi.


  1. love ur shorts and tee!


  2. Hello! I fell in love with your outfits. So in love that I published a post about you in my blog. I would you like to visit my blog and if you like leave a comment.

    I'm already became a follow of you. If you like my blog I invite you to follow me too.

    I'll visit you soon.
    Thanks dearest

    Kisses from Portugal


  3. wow, i love your shirt
    and i really reaaly like your header


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