traditional chai, sugar!


Yesterday i bought some yummy yummy Traditional Chai tea leaves from a guy who grows/makes his own organic tea. Saw his stall at one of my local markets situated by the sea side. My sister works at one of the stalls there so i like to visit sometimes and most of the market consists of organic produce. It also has tarot card readers, handmade clothing and a little stall filled with semi precious gems and crystals (which you already know i love!)

So this was my breakfast today. I usually wouldn't drink chai tea in the morning (i prefer earl grey for breaky) but since i bought it i'm going chai crazy! I've been wanting to buy some new tea and was going to get a pack from T2 to try but yet again waiting (or just having no time to go get some) has paid off because i got this packet for half the price i would at T2 and i think its even got more than T2 has in its packets. Can't wait to go back and get a different little baggy of tea next time!

I wore this comfy little outfit to market-to market. Loving this canvas bag.

wearing: Blouse - my own design, shorts - lucky 13, bag - vintage and boots - vintage.



  1. goodness, the chai tea sounds amazing! and you look lovely as always ^_^

    xo tiffany

  2. Cute bag! And I love Chai :)


  3. I looove the stripes! And, of course, the chocolate chip cookie.

  4. haha thanks, its actually sultana bread.

  5. ooo I love chai, even more in winter! I am depressed to be finished that book, need something new to read asap (even though I never have time either, but can always make a bit of time if a book is good enough).

    Yeah I haven't seen any reviews but am normally disappointed by any movies where i have read the book, especially when the book is so complex and full of detail as the girl with the dragon tattoo. Don't worry I won't give anything away! might have to get the rest of the millennium series as I have been told they are all excellent.

    Expect plenty more posts about the food processor as I have been using it every single day - I have a little bit too much love for it considering it is a kitchen appliance but oh well.

    Loving all your outfits and will be shopping in your ebay shop soon (have to give it a break as have been buying so much on ebay lately - very addictive!)

  6. There is nothing better than chai in the morning.
    & that top is super cute!!



  7. Mm chai is my favourite tea. I have a few different mixes of it, but that home grown stuff sounds delightful.

    I cant believe you're allergic to apples! I'm not the greatest fan after having one at school every day when I was young, but they are still great baked. That's sad.


    One Love,

  9. damn hot! love your style so much :)

  10. love ur boots....

    i'm following u!!...

    visit mine??...maybe u want to follow me too...

  11. that looks delicious, where is this market? i really want to go, im chai obsessed-i live in sydney too :)

    x courtney


  12. mm, I drink tea all day :)
    lovin' the stripes & boots!

  13. looking gorgeous! :)
    love that first photo
    yummm raisin toast x

  14. yum, chai, delish. and your striped shirt is perfection. i freaking love navy/white stripes... it's one of lives little treasures.


  15. yummm that looks so good! no, the questions didn't come through i think.

  16. Love your outfit, especially the shoes! xx Georgia

  17. thank you so much for the really nice comment! sure made my day! and ps: your blog is realllllly good!!! keep up the good work and I really love your style! x


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