each bag's story


As you all must know by now i go vintage searching A LOT! Well, each piece i find has a story, whether it be short or a novel long tale.
Well yesterday morning i was jumping from blog to blog and saw a girl with an amazing balenciaga handbag ( and i mean THE balenciaga). After looking further i notice she had another one in a different colour... and another one! How can one person have so much designer goodness, its not fair!

So i hopped onto ebay to see if i could get lucky and was surprised to find that even the best COPIES have prices in the hundreds. I gave up then and there. and put on my best 'Who-needs-another-silly-bag-anyway!' attitude.

That same day i had a quick look in my local opshop and look what was sitting waiting for me at the top of the mountain of bags! A look-a-like in black!

I was smitten when out last night for dinner and one of my friends noticed it.
It may not be the best but it's good enough for me =) All it needs is some tassels

Here some of the vintage items in the Spin Dizzy Fall Vintage Store ending tomorrow night.


Pastel Pink Twirl dress, Cut out Cropped Blazer, Grey&Gold Cape,
Alexa Blouse with Rose Buds, Oversized Granny Sunnies, Leather Look Sweater
Blue Knit Sweater Dress, Lace Neck Blouse, Penguin Sweater Dress

Visit eBay Here


P.s- still working on the shots from Mok Theorem so will post them tomorrow, I promise!


  1. you´re so pretty and the bag on the first pict. is great

  2. Ohh, I love this emma!


  3. I just want to say... Your blog is AMAZING. I love your style!

  4. lucky you on finding such a good bag :)


  5. love love love balenciaga too~!!!!

    by the way, you look super cute with the penguin jumper!!!


  6. Hello!

    Just stumbled upon your blog and I have to say its absolutely darling! love it! your so cute :)

    Congrats on finding the bag too, suits you!

    Precious things are so much more special when they have a story or history behind them, i find it a lot easier to incorporate these pieces into everyday outfits as well!

    Oh and LOVE the giant bow in your hair too! exactly what minnie mouse would look like if human!


  7. Good old topshop! Aha. Lovely bag,


  8. you asked where i got my photo-volunteering - i did this kind of thing before for someone connected with cinema, so when i went there to see a movie and then that lady found me. so i went!

    ps. that penguin sweater is super-awesome.

  9. i must say, that's a pretty fantastic look-alike!! no need to spends the hundreds!

  10. cute! love all the pieces! :)


  11. good work on finding the bag! going to check out the items on ebay now :) xx

  12. Wow I really love the turquoise blazer on picture 2. Love everything actually.


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