Blogger Interview: We Killed Couture



Name: Madeleine Louise

Age: 17

From: Brisbane, Australia

Blog: www.wekilledcouture.com/


What got you into blogging?
I needed a creative outlet and after following other blogs for a short amount of time I realized it was the perfect medium to do so!

What do you do and what’s in a normal day for you?
I'm finishing my last year of high school, and I work nearly 6 days a week at a pizza store (totally glamorous and all) and then I model part-time while waiting to graduate.
My days get pretty hectic, I get up very early, check all my emails and blogs etc., go to school, come home from school, walk straight to work, walk home from work, check emails and blogs before bed.. and then get up and do it all again!
And I fit in hot yoga and swimming whenever I can!


How did you become a model?
I was approached by my now mother agent and she said she wanted to take that role, and that was in February this year, so I'm very new to the whole thing.

What was your first modelling job and what did it involve?
Just under 2 years ago I was approached by a local designer and he wanted me to model for a campaign he was styling for a new furniture designer. Ended up in some magazine somewhere! But back then it was just because I knew the designer. Then I was also his model for his A/W 2010 Collection that was shown at New Zealand Fashion Week last year


What’s you favourite style/trend to wear?
Anything and everything, I like to think I generally mix a few styles into my outfits, but it all depends on my mood!

If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?
New York. Cliché but it's true.


What’s the most exciting/most fun thing you’ve done this year?
Met another Brisbane blogger, Jessy from Wide awake Thoughts - Really amazing to meet someone so inspiring and like-minded!

What inspires you and who are your style icons?
Winter and the cold, Animals, Nature. Inspiration really depends on my mood though, one day I could find inspiration in something that previously I never even would have been interested by. I wouldn't call them icons, but i am always inspired by Anna Dello Russo, Freja Beha Erichson, Karmen Pedaru.. there are so many more though because my style evolves so much.


What’s your (current) Favourite:

Nail colour?
Matte Black

My Miu Miu satin platforms

Item of Clothing to wear?
My grey fur coat

Oh this is hard... right at the moment it is the Millennium trilogy
But I have a lot of old favourites.


Place to shop?
Online. If I have to go shopping in Brisbane my first choice is always Fallow.

Place to visit?
In Australia that would be Melbourne, without a doubt.


Donnie Darko or Twin Peaks ( I know it's a TV series but it's just too amazing not to mention)

Favourite thing to do in your spare time?
Sewing and yoga.


And Lastly, tell us the meaning or reason behind your blog name?
wekilledcouture is basically expressing how we (society) have killed the couture industry.
Not exactly killed it, more like slowly strangling it.. But that isn't quite as catchy.
The obsession with quantity over quality and the rise of "fast fashion" is the cause of this in my opinion.
And as I have an irrevocable love for the creation of true haute couture and couture garments and the techniques involved I wanted to express my feelings on the matter.
One day I will try and express it in a bit more detail but basically that’s the reasoning!



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  1. great interview! I have followed Madeline's blog for a while and always love to see fellow Brissy bloggers. Great to have a bit of an insight into her world other than what she shares on her blog.

    keep it up Em, I love each and every post!

  2. Great interview!
    I love your blog so much. :)

  3. Thank you doll, By far the best interview questions i've been asked.

    Madeleine Louise

  4. Definitely going to check out her blog thanks for sharing dvrling ;)


  5. This is one interview I really enjoyed reading. This girl seems very interesting!


  6. Wow gorgeous girl. Mad interview too hun! Really enjoyed. Hope you have a fabulous time in Bali too, you will definitely pick up a shitload of those rings. They are everywhere. :)

  7. wow. she is beautiful.


  8. she is beautiful! i like her in the more romantic role though.. those pastels look beautiful on her


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