Product Review: The Fish Bulb

Remember when I bought my pretty, pretty Fighting Fish here? Well here is his amazing new home! Presenting The ‘fish bulb’ by Star Redesigns!


Star makes some ingenious creations which she sells in her etsy store.

As soon as I saw this I had to have one. I love keeping fish as they have a positive energy that adds a little bit of life to a room.
This bulb that once held light now holds a figure of natural wonder.


Item type: Home décor – Fish bulb

Material: made from Repurposed G40 light bulb
The stand to keep the fish bulb upright is a jar lid. One of the great things about this is that the bulb can be repositioned at different angles and changed whenever you want!

Perfect For:
-Female betta/fighting fish (or a small male)
-Sea monkeys
-Brine or ghost shrimp
-Aquatic snails
-Small aquatic plants
-Flowers-Plant cuttings



Comes with:
-Instructions on how to transfer creatures from the pet store to the fishbulb
-Proper cleaning directions
-5.2 ounces of aquarium gravel
-White jar lid-Fishbulb

Best climate: Room temperature. Not too hot, not too cold.

Where: Rooms with filtered natural light. Avoid putting them in windowsills unless you're prepared to battle some algae!


Tips: Use a small funnel to get things like rocks and fish inside. (everyone in my house told me that I’d kill my fish because it would never fit though the funnel. I decided to ignore them and as I poured my fish through the funnel it was in its bulb quicker than they could even think ‘I told you so’.)

Price: This unique design will not hurt your wallet! Medium bulb = $16 USD, Large = $20 USD (plus shipping depending on location)

Etsy Store: http://www.etsy.com/shop/StarRedesigns


photo source: last from StarRedesigns. Others taken by myself

Also check out Star’s blog http://stardaly.com/. Seriously cool girl.

Thank you Star!

Review by Emma Lucey from Spin Dizzy Fall


  1. Aww, don't let him get too cold... I had one that barely moved in the winter before I realised that room temp in the winter is not warm enough.
    His name was Norman. He was red. He is now in fighter fish heaven.


  2. Waaaw! j'adore!! superbe !! tres bonne idée!

    Des bisous de CELINE&CHARLOTTE

  3. That is adorable, is it a pain to take your fish out when you need to change the water?

  4. Yay! Thanks so much for the review!! Looks lovely and is very well done! Hope your fish is the happiest fish alive!

  5. this is fucking awesome. and that blue fish is stunning.

  6. Umm soo I use to have goldfish all the time - the ugly ones with bulgy eyes and brains and ugh I think I need them again in these cool bulbs!


  7. noway! this is so creative an awesome:) ahh i love it hehe:) em, i am so sorry the skirt is taking so long, its been a really crazy couple of weeks and i have had no time, but i will get it to you asap! so sorry:S have an amaazing weekend dearie

  8. I want a fish now.
    and i want it to go in that tank.


  9. WELL THIS IS BLOODY BRILLIANT! I want a fish now
    It would be mine

  10. So cute!! I love this idea, so neat, and has a surprisingly positive energy.

    I second Brooke's comment, my fish got a little too chilly, and Fifi is now dead.

  11. loving every bit of this post! Your fighter fish must be so relieved to finally slip into the bulb water!

    Made you as one of my favourite links under my Eye Candy! hope you don't mind??!?


    x Your Only Blackswan

  12. i see you have the book "i lick my cheese" by oonagh o'hagen. shes one of my tutors at university! we had to do a graphics project for her new book "i love you with custard on top" - you should check it out!

  13. Did you get the large or medium sized one?

  14. Cute! How big is it? Does he/she have lots of space to swim around?
    It's such a clever idea. Love how it doubles as both a little sculpture and a fish bowl. Nice find~!

  15. It looks a bit teeny tiny for your fish, though very cute, it probably isn't the best way to keep your fish.. and you might find it difficult to get your fish out haha. Its so ingenuitive though! I want one just to sit on my table!

  16. looks really cool but how do you clean it!?


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