birthday wishes


Its almost spring which means its almost my birthday! Here are a few things I'm wishing for =)

1. assorted tea leaves from T2
2. Flower mesh jumper from American Apparel
3. Wooden wedges from eBay
4. Gold ring (rings shown from LuShae & d_luxe)
5. Tea pot from T2 (in powder blue! so sweet)
6. Wedges from Rubi
7. Leather wallet from mimco
8. Summer PJs from cotton on
9. anything from the new stylestalker range! (tentacle skirt shown)
10. peach nail polish from essie ( in tart deco)
11. Eco beeswax candle from Dusk

I'd also love a big bucket of creamy creamy caramel popcorn =)


  1. Ohh crushing on flower mesh jumper too. Spring is the best time for birthdays !! Hope the wish list is granted x

  2. such a lovely wish list~!!!i love that AA jumper!!=)

    I've got those wooden wedges and will actually start selling them in my up coming blog store "Ezzentric Topz Surprise" soon~~ maybe you can check them out??

    have a lovely weekend!


  3. cotton on pjs are the best! and their collection of shorties are endless! that beeswax candle is quite intriguing!


    x Your Only Blackswan

  4. Really love the flower jumper, adorable! Have a lovely birthday, I hope you get everything on your list and then some! :)

    Sincerely, Sarah Margeurite

  5. My birthday is coming up too! September is always a busy birthday month isn't it? 9 months before WAS new years, hehe. On the other hand I got told by a complete stranger the other day when i told her my birthday. And she said that most CEOs and wealthy people are born in September. How about that.

    After all this, I hope you're bdays in september. Otherwise, awkward

  6. I have those Rubi wedges and I actually just took them off five minutes ago! They are surprisingly comfy and oh-so well priced - get some before they sell out!

    x Jess

  7. happy birthday lovely, hope you get all these amaizng things:)! adoring them all muchly! did the skirt arrive?, im so worried it didnt and got lost in the mail or something, or theres something wrong with it!, have a gorgeous sunday dearie

  8. Happy birthday! In advance. Everything looks so desireable, hope you get what you want!

    xx Vanessa

  9. I love your blog. Not sure how I stumbled across it, but I tagged you in a blog tag just because :)


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