its almost here!

The decorations are starting to appear in shopping centers, uni and school exams are finishing up and creepy photo santa watches you as you try look for a new cosie. Christmas is right around the corner (can you believe it?)!

I think a lot of us here in Australia are even more excited about summer finally coming (its been a loooong winter) but along with summer Christmas comes too and I can't wait to get in the christmas-y spirit (mostly because 'that 70s show' christmas special was on the other day, hmmm).

Here's my christmas list so far (notice total lack of clothing? well i don't plan to wear any all summer! Just a killer cosie and a tan please?)


1. Fisheye2 OR a Diana and a fish eye lens. (leaning towards the fish eye two because i don't want to be carrying around the extra lens for the diana all the time and the FE2 is cheaper overall) Any advice to the fish eye lovers/owners?
2. Frankie 'Spaces'
3. New wii remote and nunchuck (ka-pow!)
4. Mario Kart (well duh)
5. Washi tape (love this stuff and will come in handy if I go back to school aka uni next year...*cough* maybe..what?!!!)
6. Azzura Bikini by seafolly
7. 'Flower' Sunglasses by RAEN (I bought some RAEN sunnies for Luke and now I'm hooked!)
8. Books! (so many books on my 'to read' list)
9. Just a plain pair of black sandals please (rubi shoes)
10. Mini cactus (weird to have this on the list but I've been wanting some for ages! Preferably one that cannot hurt me)



  1. im impatiently waiting for this warmer weather!
    Mini Cactus' r the bomb! yes!! low maintenance!!

  2. So excited I love Christmas and the festivities!! xx


  3. I find you will use the fisheye more as it takes regular 35mm film since 120 film is harder to develop and not available from Big W, K Mart etc.

    Also black and white film for the fisheye looks wicked sick :)

  4. Get the Diana. You can't get colour effects anything like it with the Fisheye 2, not really a comparison :)

  5. I like your x-mas wish list. I want Mario Kart as well haha

  6. Aw, thank you for your comment. Nope, my boyfriend didn't buy COD (fortunately, for my sake). He didn't think much of the last one, so he's giving this one a miss. He was always much more into Halo anyway... x

  7. Oh what a scrummy list! I'd love either one of those cameras - hope you get everything you wish for!

  8. Im loving the diana! its on my christmas list too & Mario kart is just too fun to pass up! :)


  9. That bikini print looks amazing for summer. Just realised I need a cossie, and dreading heading to shops for one.. Eeeep

    YAY for Christmas times= wishlists. :)

    Crank those killometric pens :P

    ps all the mimco bags were sale items lady, LOVE a good sale :)

    Thanks for sweet message x

  10. I'm so pumped for Christmas this year! You're so lucky that your going into summer though-- I'm about to deal with heaps of snow and general yuckiness! *sigh*

    Happy Holidays!



  11. hehe i want everything on your list too!! especially the baby cacti garden ;)


  12. You've reminded me how much I wanted a Diana camera... an addition to my christmas list? I think so!!
    So jealous that you'll be getting warm weather! No cosies here in the UK :(


  13. Same here, I so badly want a Diana!
    And Mario kart, that brings back memories.

  14. Ah! I want a full range of washi tapes! Anyway, I realized how I haven;t gotten back to you. Haha. But I get mine from jollygoo's online shop. I think it's called UGUISU...

  15. I put a link to your blog from mine. I hope you do not bother. Greetings. :)

  16. Can't wait for Spaces!! I looked when I was out Wednesday, but I think it'll be out a little later than that...
    Great list!
    I pretty much want evertyhing in some form or another, except I don't wear bikinis or have a wii :P

  17. Our cactus recently died. I recommend that everyone get one. They are amazing!


  18. I am putting a tan on my Christmas list and a whole lot of books too! Nothing like sunbaking with a fantastic read :)



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