DAY 5 [RAFW] - Ms Couture

My RAFW posts are coming to an end as I am up to day5!
As I looked over my photos this morning I decided I would post the Ms Couture show separately since it was a different experience for me.

It wasn't because it was an under garment show but because of where I was standing! Myself and Darren from boymoments rushed in late so we stood right in front of the runway next to the media/photographer pit. It was probably the best show to experience what the people in the media pit are like.

Not saying it was bad but just really interesting hearing what photographers shout out or comment on. When you're seated you can't hear anything but the music and the snap-snap of cameras but as these models came down the runway flaunting these designs all I could hear was 'oooh sexy!' or as the last model walked 'ohh come back! We want to see more.'

To be honest, it wasn't everyone yelling and I dont know how they behave during shows when the model have clothes on but I thought it was hilarious.


I thought the show was lovely. The pastel colours, the sheer fabric and most of all (yet again) the tassels!
I've made a video of the week which I'll be posting after my Day 5 posts so keep an eye out!



  1. Wow. These are all so ethereal and beautiful. However I think there are a couple that were a little too revealing for my taste! Don't know if I'd be daring enough to wear a couple of them! Gorgeous show though!


  2. what a great show- the cutouts really make it!!

  3. Such a beautiful collection of under garment! I love the bandage-y pastel green set the best! It's also interesting and entertaining to know what was happening in the media pit~! =)

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  4. You are all such pros at posing! You look so gorgeous! And the show looks incredible!



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