Braided Chains

wearing: Angels in Chains knit by Marnie Skillings, Tank by Lola vs Harper, Checp Monday jeans, Soles boots (MHQ) and sportsgirl bag.

A part of me is a little happy about this chilly, rainy, Sydney weather that has appeared on the edge of spring because I get to wear my new favourite jumper! I found this Marnie Skillings jumper on My Clothes Horse which is the online store run by the lovely team behind Breakfast With Audrey and I've worn it both days since I got my hands on it.

Yesterday I wore this outfit to interning and the tank by Lola vs Harper was perfect since I wasn't in the mood to wear anything high-waisted and my jumper was a little too cropped to risk the wind and rain. Check out that awesome drape business in the back.

The rain has been nice but I want to spend the weekend at the beach so let the anti-rain-dance begin now!



  1. I meant to reply to you ages ago but I kept forgetting! We are thinking about spending 6 months to a year in Sydney at some stage but we will see :) We've been to Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and the Gold Coast now but Sydney was the one that truly captured us. You live in an amazing city!

  2. Love this! The cute little tassles give it such a nice touch. I can't really say I'm loving this weather, can't wait for the sun to come back

    -laura x

  3. Love your boots!
    The studs give them a little unique touch, making them more than just the ordinary black boot!
    I enjoyed the rain for like 2 days but now I am dying for the sun!!
    Have a lovely weekend!


  4. Love your sweater, the details are so gorgeous.


  5. Love the detailing on this chunky knit! Those boots are gorgeous too :)

    Ivory xx

  6. Love the braids on that jacket, its different and looks so cosy :) your boots are too cute. xx


  7. The details on the jacket are amazing


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